PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, February 10, 2020

Principal’s Report

  • January: Father/Daughter Dance went well
  • 5th Grade Outdoor Survival field trip last week went well
  • 4k Registration; one more day to come
  • Board meeting time change to 6:30pm; will only be attend first 20 minutes of each meeting

Treasurer’s Report

  • Terri was not able to attend meeting, we will receive a report at the March meeting

Brain Bowl – February 4th & 5th

  • Kimberly Groenjes coordinated; students 4K through 2nd grade participated
  • Erin did testing and money calculations; only one student they didn’t get to due to illness
  • $7,255.40 pledged; received $2,553 to date; 168 kids participated
  • Pizza party(s) for top-earning class(es) (tentative until all pledges are received):
  • It was suggested the older students (5th graders and/or student council) to help test the younger students; may approach this next year
  • Suggested changing the form for pledges to a flat amount and collect prior to the Bowl to make fundraiser run more smoothly- similar to polar plunges being collected before event

School Dance—Fri., February 7th

  • Tammy Kurey coordinated this year; approx. 125 kids attended
  • The theme was “Let It Glow”
  • Students were given glow necklaces, bracelets, finger rings
  • Loralee Olson-Arcand coordinated snacks and water; plenty left over for upcoming events
  • $400.35 total expenses (minus snacks and water)
  • Only incident was two students who were unchaperoned and waiting for their grandparents until 8pm

Artist in Residence March 16-20/23-27

  • Rebekah Byers set up the volunteer sheet to have sent out; to add Kindergarteners will be working as a group to construct a larger fish that will be displayed in the school
  • Still need more (black & white) newspapers needed for event!!!
  • Steven (artist) suggested 5th grade students could bring in magazine pages/ads to decorate their fish

Conference Meals – February 26th 

  • Amanda Hedtke coordinating potato bar and salad bar, with toppings; drinks, desserts
  • Setting up a link for volunteers to sign up

Funset Boulevard Night – Thurs., April 30

  • Tentative date; Erin to pick up wristbands prior to event; she will set up the sheet for students

Plastic Recycling (ongoing): 

  • 1,807# to date (02/10/20)
  • Erin waiting to hear back from Sandy re: Girl Scouts making it a community program
  • Caroline Pelkin has been helping to take in plastic from the school
  • Ends in April (Earth Day)

Teacher/Staff Requests:

  • No new requests have been submitted

New Business:

  • Outdoor Play Sheds: requested to have locked up due to equipment being taken after hours
  • Pizza Ranch and Culvers: could do a fund-raising event where parents and teachers could go in and bus tables, etc. (est. 10% of that night’s sales); revisit to see about planning an evening event in the fall

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, March 16, 2020, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room

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