PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, March 16, 2020

We discussed items pertaining to the rest of the year assuming we would miss the April meeting. However, since the meeting the timeline as obviously changed. Please note some changes have already been made since meeting and all other items are dependent upon returning to school.

Principal’s Report
Spring Concert went very well (4th-6th)
Curriculum went home with students today (3/16) for the next few weeks, more to come
District will provide updates as needed

Treasurer’s Report
Current amount available: $24,323.11
Allocated Estimated Expenses to be paid: $11,198.12
Amount to Carry over to 7/1/20: $3,500.00
Current Amount Spendable (3/16/20): $9,624.99
Brain Bowl donations were $6,951.15. $40 will be paid to Erin for pizza parties
PAC will receive a check for $250 from Thrivent for a volunteer initiative from Tammy Kurey
We will continue with flexible seating for 5th Grade and reach out to related arts teachers
Gift was agreed upon for Mr.Menting; Signed card passed around. Terri will get check and take card to office to put in his mailbox
Where else can we spend? We will wait to see what happens for the rest of the year before allocating funds

Artist in Residence
POSTPONED from March; Artist is available May 11-22. However, will most likely be next year. If it moves to next school year, Amanda Hedtke can rebook the hotel room
In case we move to next year, PAC will pay deposit to Artist to cover material cost if requested

Author in Residence–Deanna Anderson Book Room Committee
The Bookroom committee is researching an author coming to the school. They are looking into potential authors; would like to request assistance from PAC (likely for 2020-21 school year); Hemlock Elementary (West DePere) could potentially share the costs as they are interested in hosting one as well
PAC is very willing to consider assisting, amount is dependent upon costs

Staff Appreciation–May 4-8
Amanda Hedtke to coordinate if we are back in school at that time; She suggested doing potted succulents for one day. She is researching options online; quantity: 55-60 for each classroom/related arts/specials teachers.It was also suggested providing brownies/cake via the cafeteria for one day; Mrs. Lipsey will ask Greg (Food Service) re: the cake and brownies. We could do a sign up potluck for a day
Student Council will take care of one day

Brain Bowl
Thiel and Ms. Wall: Most participation pizza party
Rennes (M-W): Most funds raised pizza party- it was incorrectly reported previously that is was T-Th class
Will implement more changes next fall

Conference Meals – February 26
Amanda Hedtke coordinated potato bar and salad bar, with toppings; drinks, desserts
Everything went pretty well, Amanda took notes for what to do next school year

Plastic Recycling
2,773 lbs (03/30/20)
Erin ended it early due to school closing

Administrative Professionals Day–Wed., April 22
If we are back, plan to do the flowers and the money & card;
Terri Romitti and Carol Pelkin (flowers) to coordinate

Funset Boulevard Night – Cancelled
Event has been cancelled.

Student Appreciation–week of May 11
Loralee Olson-Arcand will coordinate if needed. *Now looking at donating leftover snacks/water from dance to school

Field Day–May TBD
Popsicles: Loralee to purchase if needed; Loralee and Amanda will coordinate freezing them

5th Grade Celebration–Wed., June 3
Will order an extra cake (via cafeteria) if needed as last year we were short
Have plates, napkins and plastic forks already

Teacher/Staff Requests
No new requests have been submitted

New Business:
No new business

If you have questions or comments, please email

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