PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, September 21, 2020

*Erin Lenhardt introduced (3) officers and their positions

Principal’s Report
*Mrs. Lipsey introduced Dana Osowski, the new vice principal
*Great start to new year- students and staff are doing amazing! Working on drop off but seems to be going well
*At-home teachers have been doing very well!
*Sending out a reminder re: parents need to wear masks when getting out of a vehicle.
*Technology has been a huge challenge. We need a significant amount of more chrome books, Ipads and HP laptops. Some devices we have are old and are no longer able to be updated/used or were sent to middle/high school

Treasurer’s Report
*Beginning checkbook balance (09/1/20):   $25,331.92
*Income:  $0.00- We do not want to estimate this year
*Expenses:  $16,947.00
*Amount to carry over to 7/1/20:  $3,500.00
*Amount Spendable:  $4,884.92
*PBS annual $500 funds will be put in their account in office. We are not able to have assemblies this year, but they could use funds for prizes, etc.
*Guided Reading annual $1500 funds will be put in their account in the office

*Will be limited due to pick-ups, avoiding kids having extra contact (door to door), kids changing from in person/virtual if they need to be quarantined, as well as delivery area being limited. If needed we may look at other delivery areas-VFW for example
*We can plan on doing the Spirit Wear; We will send forms home, but may consider online (profit margin would go way down) Terri will work with Denise
*Cookie Dough fund-raiser –Hansen’s no longer does cookie dough, so we would be working with a new company. We are holding off planning for now due to previously stated obstacles. Will reassess need for this fundraiser later in the year
*Brain Bowl: May need to alter: suggested doing an in class/at home fill-out sheet, students turn in to be scored. Will re-evaluate later.
*“Unfundraiser”:  Parents would make donations in lieu of participating in fundraisers; Mrs. Lipsey recommended doing this for the first part of the year; Erin will send out. We will see how much is raised and if a decent amount, potentially putting toward technology needs

Teacher Reimbursements
A lot of changes and new staff this school year due to the COVID situation; Discussed how to handle this year. Discussion also included need for technology in the elementary school. Mrs. Lipsey recommended providing new teachers to the school $100 each (they do not have a budget); PAC has already received some reimbursement requests from existing staff so there is a continued need. In past years, some staff didn’t use funds or submitted after reminders- wondered if staff may feel obligated to use it/lose it regarding funds. Instead of blanket amount for existing staff, we will ask they submit request before purchasing this year and if the items can wait until next year to hold off. This will allow us to keep track of funds/needs in real time and re-evaluate if money budgeted is appropriate. PAC officers will ok requests as they come in-instead of waiting for next meeting. We currently have $5700 budgeted for reimbursements with past year amounts used for consideration.

Conference Meals
Conferences will be virtual; We will not be able to set up usual potluck. Suggested doing a catered meal- it would have to be boxed, no buffet style. Estimated 65-70 staff members. Some places suggested:  Subway, Jimmy John’s, Rocky Rococo’s; Sara Peterson will call around to get prices. Mrs. Lipsey will check to see if this option will be allowed and verify staff will be at school. Further information needed.

Student Appreciation
Instead of a snack, it was suggested to order water bottles for kids for something extra this year and it has been so long since we did water bottles; Loralee Olson-Arcand to research and coordinate; look at different colors of bottles; Irish logo and/or PAC logo (get a class listing to know quantity)

Items to Consider for Upcoming Year/Unfinished from Last Year
*Artist in Residence:  keeping $5,500 money in the budget whether or not it happens this year. We may be responsible for some cost as we had signed a contract with the artist.
*April: We were not able to do flowers and money to (3) school office administrators; Erin suggested doing something soon to show appreciation; Terri to coordinate flowers, etc.
*Future Meetings:  may go via Zoom or GoToMeeting (Terri has access)
*Student Directory: We will try to email directories this year due to some students being virtual and to save/avoid contamination with paper. Mrs. Lipsey will check to see if directories can be emailed to all families or just the ones that signed up for directory
*Sock Hop: Dances will not be happening this school year
*We will not be doing the plastic recycling drive this year
*Retirements:  Mrs. Bakken; Mrs. Touchet-cards/money gift were already sent; We were informed of Ms. Brockman and Ms. Hochleutner also retiring. Cards/money gift will be sent.
*5th Grade Celebration: We will keep money in the budget ($200) and reassess as year continues

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, October 19, 2020, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Cafeteria

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