PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, October 19, 2020

Principal’s Report

  • Continuing to try to fill positions and keep all healthy
  • P/T Conferences this week via Zoom (all virtual)
  • Possible letter to go out this week to parents re: some various items going before the board tonight, i.e., half days off instead becoming full days off and other possible calendar changes
  • Halloween:  Would celebrate Oct. 29 if board approves requested half days going to full days (which would be Fri., Oct. 30); Homeroom teachers will let students know what their classroom is doing
  • End of quarter-grades are coming out

Treasurer’s Report

  • Beginning checkbook balance (10/19/20):  $24,516.10 (does not include Unfundraiser)
  • Amount Spendable:  $7,700 ($15,875.03 left in budget not yet spent; includes Artist in Residence, Teachers Reimbursements, $3,500 carryover)


  • Amount raised to date:  $2,620 to date; Erin sent out Thank you emails (10/19) including tax deduction info for donors
  • Erin and Terri are looking into trying to set up PayPal as an option for donors to use; could continue to have Unfundraiser set up indefinitely

Conference Meals

  • Sara Peterson contacted various locations to get quotes and options; went with Subway (Ballard Rd.; approx. 57 box meals; asked to have staff name on each box); may look at using Rocky Rococo’s in the spring
  • Had a Google sign-up; MANY thank you’s from staff for PAC doing this
  • Terri will pick up on Wednesday and drop them off at the Elementary; Mrs. Lipsey suggested dropping them off before school is out (2pm/2:45pm), could keep them in the work room/lounge and teachers could pick them up after they take their classes to the buses
  • We did receive an offer from Home Tavern for wings. Unfortunately due to restrictions and staff size we were unable to use. We are hopeful we can take them up on the offer at a later date

Spirit Wear Sale

  • Terri is working on this; She plans setting it up so families can order and pay online. Additional fees will be incurred due to online payment fees so our profit will be lower. We will retain more profit by sorting ourselves. We will need to figure out a place and time to sort the orders and then review/discuss distributing
  • Terri shared some design options for all in this together–Freedom Pride; one design to be decided and used for some product items. There will be other designs as well
  • Product item options are still in the works; trying to get something in place with goal of receiving product before the holidays

Student Appreciation

  • Loralee provided info and sample from 4AllPromos; quoted 800 bottles (for students and teachers/staff) approx. $650 plus shipping (green bottle with gold/imprint)
  • Approval to proceed with ordering 800 bottles @ approx. $650 plus shipping (Loralee noted she will research a little more to see if she can find better pricing; a couple vendors had similar pricing for this type of bottle)

Teacher/Staff Shout-outs

  • Terri researched doing “Teacher/Staff Shout-outs”; Parents could submit google form to show their appreciation; She shared an example
  • Mrs. Lipsey could send out the link from the school to parents via email after created
  • Teachers/Staff that had received shout outs will be entered into drawing to receive a prize, token of thanks
    Mrs. Lipsey suggested delivering token(s) of appreciation in person to give a little added touch
  • Kimberly Groenjes will set up Google form to be sent out to parents
  • Goal is to roll out program in November; suggested drawings on the 1st and the 15th of each month
  • Tokens of appreciation suggestions: PAC will provide 3 $10 gift cards to local businesses (with a card of thanks) for each drawing and possibly spirit wear. Mrs. Lipsey suggested boxes of candy, free Jeans Day to increase amount of prizes.
  • Terri will email Mrs. Lipsey re: the plan (how often; how to be coordinated)
  • Erin will include a note in the November FES newsletter

Student Directory

  • Emailed to parents who signed up for it at registration; there were a couple errors; Erin will update and resend
  • Erin to include a note in the monthly newsletter that it was sent out

Teacher Wish List

  • Erin will set up again; this is set up for teachers to submit items for parents who’d like to buy something for them for holidays

Requests That Have Come In

  • Ten (10) new to district FES teachers will receive $100 to use in their classrooms.
  • Received a couple requests; 1) Mrs. Bichler would like to purchase a digital bundle
    (120 math centers; various items) from Teachers Pay Teachers site ($60); approved by
    PAC to purchase
    2) Mrs. Deidrick:  $128.85 total cost; would like $100 toward 6 sets of 192-pc. magnetic letters; approved by PAC to purchase

New Business

  • Received thank you’s for retirement cards sent out; Office secretaries expressed thank you’s for flowers PAC provided to them
  • November meeting:  Virtual or in-person?; it was decided to meet virtually

We would like to thank Amanda Hedtke whose child is a 6th grader.
She had been in charge of all of our potluck days (conferences/staff appreciation week) and helped them run smoothly. She also volunteered to help whenever needed. We will miss her!

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, November 16, 2020, 6:00 pm virtual

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