PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, November 16, 2020

Principal’s Report

  • Sent out technology survey to gauge what is needed if FES goes virtual
  • Doing a school-wide fire drill this week or next (maintaining social distancing)
  • Parking lot is still an issue (mostly after school); still working on this
  • A recent spike in COVID cases recently which has caused staffing issues. Recess and lunch are especially difficult to fill. There are paid positions open
  • Did PBS drawings; Positive Dog (teachers/staff), hoping to start with Positive Pups next month (students)

Treasurer’s Report

  • Beginning checkbook balance (11/16/20):  $20,968.15
  • Income:  $3,132.11 (Unfundraiser funds)
  • Expenses Budgeted:  $12,917.59
  • Amount to Carry Over to 7/1/21:  $3,500
  • Amount Spendable:  $7,682.67

Spirit Wear Sale

  • Terri Romitti noted current as of meeting 85 orders; almost 215 items; This is significantly less than previous years.
  • Deadline:  Wednesday, November 18; need to be able to process so orders arrive in time for Christmas
  • Half sheet went home with students and it was posted on the Facebook page; another email to parents went out this afternoon (Mon., 11/16)
  • Erin created a Facebook post that if people engaged (like, comment, share) on Facebook they would be entered to win child’s cotton t-shirt in an attempt to publicize; Tiffany Kavanaugh was the winner

Conference Meals

  • Erin set up the order with Subway; Terri picked up and delivered the order to school
  • Just under $400 for meals for teachers
  • Erin received a lot of thank you messages from staff

Student/Staff Appreciation–Water Bottles

  • Loralee ordered 800 bottles via 4imprint (shipping was much cheaper than other company; order cost $790.51); was able to include both the FES and PAC logos on the bottles
  • Loralee will send an email to Judy and Lori (FES office) with tracking information
  • Loralee and Erin to distribute to classrooms when they arrive


  • Amount raised to date:  $3,132.11
  • Some funds came via PayPal, so a fee was charged

Teacher/Staff Shout-outs

  • 27 staff members received so far
  • Erin has been sending comments to staff and putting on Facebook. She will send an email out encouraging people to send shout outs along with the Teachers Wish List next week
  • Raffle for teacher(s):  $10 B’s Brew Gift Card: Mrs. Austin;
    $10 Subway Gift Card:  Mrs. Frane; Buzz’s Bowl Gift Card:  Ms. Diedrick
  • Terri can hand deliver gift cards to the winners on Wed., Nov. 18
  • Mrs. Lipsey has shared the comments and program with Mr. Kilstofte

Brain Bowl

  • How should we plan for it this year due to current circumstances?
  • Time with a student would need to be limited to 15 minutes (due to COVID)
  • Suggestions- Could we do a Google form? Is there an audio option? Modify questions…making them as simple as possible for ease of answering
  • It was suggested to ask the teachers their thoughts on the best way to handle this year’s Brain Bowl; Mrs. Lipsey to further inquire from the teachers

Teacher Wish List

  • Erin will set up again; this is set up for teachers to submit items for parents who’d like to buy something for them for holidays or throughout the year
  • Building needs (for classrooms):  2-gallon plastic bags; disinfectant wipes

Reimbursements and Requests

  • Books Vending Machine:  Mrs. Lipsey shared a book vending machine she would like to purchase for the school. Students would be given special tokens to use for getting a book The cost is about $5,000; She is reaching out to different groups to share in cost. Some groups she listed were PAC, Student Council (advisers), PBS, Student Activity. Terri suggested reaching out to the Lions Club, Business Association and VFW in Freedom for donations; PAC members voted and approved for PAC to donate $1,000 toward the new vending machine
  • Erin noted teachers that have submitted requests that PAC has approved

New Business

  • Loralee received an email from Texas Roadhouse for gift card fundraising for schools; Loralee to look further into this and share with Erin and Terri

If you have questions or comments, please email

NO December meeting

Next meeting date:  Monday, January 18, 2020, 6:00 pm virtual

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