PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, February 15, 2021

Principal’s Report

  • Reading Month will start in March; Families will be able to purchase a book that the whole school will read together. There is a Reading Month Calendar in which students can read the books or do ten activities and be put into extra drawings. Some teachers are reading aloud, but a weekly schedule of chapters will be sent out for students to read at home.
  • Virtual P/T Conferences on 2/24. Food to be ordered via Subway again
  • A Kevin Kilstoffe Memorial Scholarship fund has been set up for donations.. It will be an annual scholarship. They will give out one for $500 this year and number of scholarships for following years will be determined upon the amount of funds at the time. Erin inquired if PAC would be interested in donating toward the scholarship fund. We agreed/approved on $100 donation for this first year. Donations are being collected at school in March.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Terri was unable to make the meeting. We will receive the report next month

Teacher/Staff Shout-outs

  • January: 17 staff members received Shout Outs. Congratulations to the January winners!
    Mrs. Susek–Sweet Tooth; Mrs. Austin–Buzz’s Bowl; Ms. Rudolph–Simon’s Cheese;
    Mrs. Tietz–Culver’s; Mrs. Braun–Home Tavern; Mrs. Krzyzak–B’s Brew
  • February: 22 staff have received so far

Parent/Teacher Conference Meals–Feb 24

  • Subway form sent out to staff. Erin will submit same order as last time

Teacher Requests

  • Playground items: An email was sent to staff to see if they needed playground items. 4 staff members responded to Erin’s request and items were purchased for them
    $1,000 was set aside for playground
  • A couple teachers submitted requests for classroom items

New Business

  • 5th grade celebration: We are still not sure if anything could be done for this year, it may be virtual; Mrs. Lipsey is considering options, will discuss with 5th grade team and will let us know what the plan is
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: It is the first week in May. We will review/discuss at next meeting what could be done for that week
  • Spring Student Appreciation:  mid-May; Loralee can coordinate packaged snacks
  • Any spring fundraisers? Caroline Pelkin suggested she could look into some options, i.e., packaged seeds; Mrs. Lipsey suggested possibly getting a certificate for flowers that could be used at a greenhouse instead of having to distribute actual items Mrs. Osowski noted a greenhouse in Little Chute had something like that set up
  • This is Loralee’s last year in PAC as VP/Secretary. We will need to look at Officers for 2021-; Erin to include in the March agenda
  • PAC will need to “push” next year for more members as this is the last year for Tammy Kurey and Loralee Olson-Arcand; more members will be needed for PAC to continue

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, March 15, 2021, 6:00 pm virtual

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