PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, April 16, 2021

Principal’s Report

  • Forward Testing: 5th grade should be complete; 4th grade is still in process; 3rd grade starts next week; should be done by first Friday in May (5/3)
  • Book Vending machine delivered; it is in the cafeteria; no books yet, but Mrs. Anderson is in the process of ordering; a ribbon-cutting event to happen (attendees TBD)
  • Field Day: to happen as planned; no parent volunteers for K-2; there should be enough games where students won’t have to wear masks; PAC will provide popsicles and chalk
  • ABC Countdown to start soon! Teachers are happy to see it back!
  • Bake-Off:  Erin noted 17 families requested supplies;
    2 families have submitted pictures so far (at time of meeting)
  • 5th Grade T-shirts:  Caroline Pelkin is coordinating (need two weeks production time; payment due when order is placed); there are 5th grade funds that can be used if needed; Terri Romitti requested if more info could be sent to parents so they are aware of when 5th graders can wear them–decided on Field Day, Fri. May 28

Treasurer’s Report

Terri commented not much had changed from previous month

  • Beginning checkbook balance:  $24,510.14 (March)
  • Expenses Budgeted for 2020-21 school year:  $16,247
  • $6,287.53 spent so far this year (from March)
  • Amount to Carry Over to 7/1/21:  $3,500 (requested carrying more over to 2021-22 school year due to unknowns)
  • Amount Spendable:  just under $10,000
  • $200 budgeted for 5th Grade Celebration
  • Field Day: PAC will be providing popsicles
  • Teacher Reimbursements:  approx. $4,900 (from March) still left that could be spent

Administrative Professionals Day–April 21

  • PAC is doing lunch for office administrators.  (Thurs. April 22, as Lori will be out Wed. 4/21); Terri Romitti to coordinate

Staff Appreciation Week–May 3-7

  • Erin sent out the Shamrock for students to write on for teachers and staff
  • Monday: Shamrocks; Tuesday: Seed Packages; Wednesday: Starbursts;
    Thursday: Popcorn; Friday: Sharpies
  • Mrs. Lipsey suggest putting up the Friday before (4pm, April 30)

Bake-Off–Entries Due May 15

  • 17 families requested supplies; 2 families have submitted pictures so far at time of meeting
  • Erin called Walmart to see if a large order would need to be placed (unsure when we set up how many would want supplies); she completed/submitted a donation form. If we receive donation, will use for prizes
  • Mrs. Lipsey said she could find  teachers/staff who could judge
  • Kim Groenjes will work on prize baskets-suggestion was a summer theme

Student Appreciation–week of May 10

  • Loralee to coordinate again this year; will look into snacks done in the past determine what to purchase

5th Grade Promotion/T-Shirt Sales

  • Individually packaged cookies or cakes (Mrs. Lipsey suggested that Greg could do individual cupcakes); Terri suggested a Freedom graduate makes individually wrapped peanut-free cookies; Tammy Kurey had found a website that can do this as well. Terri and Tammy will both look into pricing for cookies; approx. 115 5th grade students
  • Caroline will contact the office for a listing of 5th grade students for coordinating the t-shirts
  • Erin will send a note to the front office to have them send out a note to suggest the students wear on field day

Teacher/Staff Shout-outs

  • March: 25 staff members received Shout Outs. Congratulations to the March winners!
    Mrs. Kolakowski: Subway; Mr. Marquardt: B’s Brew; Mrs. Bresnahan: Pick and Save;
    Mrs. Braun: Buzz’s; Mrs. Austin: Kwik Trip; Mrs. Krzyzak: Home Tavern
  • April: 11 staff have received so far
  • May will be last month for shout-outs
  • Erin suggested including any teacher who receives a Shamrock will also get entered into the May Shout-outs

New Business

  • Teacher Requests: One new teacher submitted a request; she had money left in her account to spend

Upcoming—Field Day, Fri., May 28

  • Field Day:  Loralee to coordinate the Freeze-Pops; see if we can freeze all at the school cafeteria. Erin gave Mrs. Thews sidewalk chalk leftover from recess items purchases. She asked them to let PAC know if more is needed

If you have questions or comments, please email

Our next and last meeting date for the year:  Monday, May 17, 2021, 6:00 pm in person. No babysitting will be provided.

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