PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, September 20, 2021 6:00 pm

Principal’s Report…

  • reminder no school September 24
  • breakfast option beginning soon (4K-K will have breakfast in the classroom and 1-5 will have breakfast in the lunchroom)
  • students will be able to dress up for Halloween (unsure if there will be food allowed during the class parties–watch the newsletter for more information)
  • fall parent teacher conferences will have both virtual and in-person options (one night will be virtual and the other will be in person)
  • field trips will happen this year (masks will be required)
  • assemblies will not happen at this time due to fire code and COVID
  • the elementary school will hopefully start welcoming volunteers again soon for curriculum support only
  • so far the biggest challenge is understaffing and sub failures at the elementary school (Mrs. Lipsey is asking the board for a full time sub to be on staff at the elementary school)
  • the book vending machine is doing well
  • Mrs.Lipsey is looking into monthly reading logs for students

Eagle Scout Project…

  • Trentin Volovsek completed an Eagle Scout project (sandbox on the playground) and gave a presentation of it
  • requesting $855 to cover the cost of the sandbox
  • PAC decided to cover $450 from our playground funds

Treasurer’s Report…

  • current balance $22,892.52
  • expected expenses $18,537.00
  • amount not budgeted $4,555.52
  • amount to carry over to the 2022-23 school year $3,500.00 (in the past this amount was set to allow for teacher reimbursements at the beginning next year)
  • left to spend $855.52


  • approval for fundraisers to happen this year (pick up may have to be done with curbside pick up. The multipurpose room is not being used as a classroom this year and may be an option)
  • discussed adding the un-fundraiser to fundraisers this year so parents can have an option to not participate in the fundraiser, but still contribute money to the fundraiser
  • some options to explore for this year- different attendees will look into
    • Cookie Dough-Terri will look into dates with Cherrydale as we plan to run this
    • Spirit Wear- We are in the process of setting up, however lots of supply chain issues, will need to add that to order form. May look at adding other options to sell
    • Fun nights-ex. Badger Sports Park/Funset night
    • Restaurant nights-ex. Culvers, Texas Road House, Pizza Ranch
    • Painting night (talk with Mrs. Rudolph and high school art club)
    • Gift card sale- ex. Simons Cheese, Kwik Trip, Meat places
    • Flower sale
    • Little Caesars sale
    • Vande Walles

Teacher Reimbursements

  • email sent to staff to let them know they have money to spend from PAC
  • PAC offers $100 to teachers, $200 if they are new or have changed grades
  • We have $6400 allocated in current school year to spend on reimbursements

Conference Meals…

  • meals need to be pre-packaged
  • planned to do restaurant for one night and parent sign up for individual snacks for the second night

Student Appreciation…

  • Erin is checking with families that said they would be willing to help purchase snack item for October

Shout Outs…

  • beginning in October
  • 3 gift cards will be handed out each month

New Business/other notes

  • Brief discussion on dance in February. Missy offered to look into other places to hold if space is an issue
  • question about a social emotional learning program (My Face)–need to talk with Mrs. Lipsey
  • we plan to have National Honor Students provide babysitting at future meetings

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