Meeting Notes for January 17th 2022 6:00 PM

Principal’s Report

  • Sub shortages still a problem
  • All school celebration for PBS this week (movie and game on Thursday) PAC will provide snack
  • March madness with books (16 books pick book they think will be winner)
  • March–one school one book. PAC decided to purchase one books for families that chose to participate this year. 
  • VFW teacher of the year is Mrs. Northam (she will go to the next level–regional if she wins she will go to the state level)
  • Title I needs assessment meeting Friday at 9 am. 
  • Potential upcoming field trips are being discusse

Treasurer Report

  • Only 18 teachers have done their $100 reimbursement–have until the end of the month to spend. We offer to all classroom, related arts and special education teachers. We will send out a reminder
  • $43,302.39 current funds-about half of the money is allocated for different items
  • Cookie dough fundraiser was very successful
  • Discussed different ideas to build morale for staff and students

Community Fundraiser Nights

  • Buzz’s $250 (every third Monday of the month)–posted on Facebook will be an email next month and possibly a ½ sheet flyer
  • Luv2Play and Altitude do have school nights-may do in future

Spirit Wear Fundraiser

  • No update on funds raised. All items have been delivered

Shout Out Program

  • Mr. McManus, Mrs. Jakl, and Mrs. DeGroot received $10 gift cards for December raffle. End of the year grand prizes and everyone who has received a shout out will be entered in the drawing

Parent/Teacher Conferences (February 16)

  • Buzz’s pizza and wings (plan for 60 staff) we will provide chips and soda
  • We plan to be face to face unless parents request for virtual

Sock Hop/School Dance

  • Postpone until spring–possibly have things available outside. We are looking into new ideas

Brain Bowl

  • Probably skipping brain bowl this year possibly trying in the fall

Teacher/Staff Reimbursement and Requests

  • 4K teachers requested to purchase puppets for their classrooms. Mrs. DeGroot will be retiring at the end of the year and will be taking her puppets with her. PAC approved the purchase 

New Business/Ideas

  • No artist in residence this year possibly fall
  • Looking for ideas to use funds for staff/student morale
  • Next month’s meeting would be a no school day… we will reschedule the meeting to February 28, 2022

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