Meeting Minutes February 28, 2022

Principal’s Report

  • Ball/Book Drive Newsletter has this information as well… looking to replace classroom libraries (Amazon wish list with classroom teacher’s name) families may go to purchase books for their classroom teachers. Email will be sent to families
  • FORWARD exam in March (trying to keep the time frame short)
  • 3rd quarter ending at the end of March
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins will have a calendar in newsletter for reading schedule
  • Dash for cash or penny war to help replace funds for the Kilstofte scholarship
  • March 13 Herd Game night

Treasurer Report

  • Current Balance…$37,165.88 (minus expense for conference meal and some profit from spirit wear) *After meeting information: Conference meal was $361 Total profit from spirit wear was $5455.78
  • Spendable amount…$22,250.94

Community Fundraiser Nights

  • $500 made from Home Tavern. This included raffles from that night
  • Buzz’s 3 nights so far…$200, $150 and $160

Shout Out Program

  • Winners from January were (they will receive a gift card)
    • Mr. Marquardt (2nd) Simon’s Cheese
    • Mrs. Kortens (Reading) Walgreens
    • Mrs. Micolichek (Kitchen) B’s Brew
    • Mrs. Fox (Aide) Target
    • Mrs. Franke (1st) Kenny Rose
    • Mr. Lancaster (Gym) Freedom Foods

Bake Off

  • Bake an item instead of just a cake (3 prizes in each category and 1 overall)
  • We will send the sheet out for anyone requesting a cake mix/frosting.
  • Photos will be due on March 21. We will have staff pick winners and post on Facebook

Balls/Book Drive

  • See principal report

Fun Night (Wednesday, May 18…4-7)

  • This is the replacement for the dance
  • Mrs. Lipsey will look into liability with inflatables
  • We are looking into food trucks-different members will look into options
  • We are looking for activities-DJ, balloon, chalk, face painting or tattoos
  • No rain date…will move inside if rain is an issue
  • We will ask high school groups and parents to volunteer

How to Spend Funds

  • K-cups and creamer for staff lounge
  • We will be giving students a lei to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  • Mrs. Lipsey brought suggestions from staff:

5th grade flexible seating as they were missed before- possibly more for other classes

Ice machine- After discussion, new refrigerator with ice maker may be better option. Mrs. Lipsey will talk to John

Charging stations- Mrs. Lipsey will look into costs/needs

Other items she will look into-staff may be able to use funds from PAC or district

Teacher/Staff Reimbursement and Requests

  • Ms. Vanderloop came to the meeting to request item for the 3-5 grade concert. PAC approved the purchases. She will buy and PAC will reimburse. We anticipate she may need things for the 1-2 grade concert as well

New Business/Ideas

  • Sign Country can make window stickers. We will plan for fall (sell at open house)

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