PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, March 21, 2022 6:00 PM

The April meeting falls on a day off of school.

  • We will hold the meeting on another date (April 11)

Principal’s report

  • Penny war will take place the first week of April
  • April 9th is the Blizzard’s game
  • FORWARD testing starts tomorrow with 5th grade
  • Book and ball drive has had a successful start (258 books!)
  • Grades 3-5 music concert is on March 28 at the Field House

Treasurer’s report

  • Current balance $33,485.66
  • Left to send $21,702
    • Flexible seating
    • Picnic table
    • Coffee and creamer for staff
    • Refrigerator for staff lounge
    • Freedom Family Fun Night

Freedom Family Fun Night

  • E-mails are being sent to Art club, NHS to ask for student volunteers. May seek more as needed
  • We have tattoos
  • We need to purchase face paint supplies
  • We need to purchase sidewalk chalk
  • TJ the DJ is booked ($250) for the evening (he will need to be located within 100 feet of power)
  • Obstacle course and generator are being rented ($389–obstacle course $89–generator) we will have one also from the YMCA
  • There will not be a dunk tank–there was discussion of other options we will be doing a pie in the face or pie throwing (the money raised will go towards staff meal in May/June)
  • Mischief and Magic (balloon animals) is booked ($100 an hour per employee working–they can average about 25 per hour)…we will book 3 workers for 3 hours each
  • Food trucks
    • Gourmet Corn Yucatan
    • LilJuicy Kitchen
    • Ice Truck **this truck has a $100 minimum 
    • Ice Clouds
    • Two Guernsey Girls
    • We decided to give $5 coupons to students and staff to use at the food cards 
  • Freedom Fire Department is coming

Staff Appreciation Week

  • 1st full week of May
    • Monday…Shamrocks
    • Thursday…Cinco de Mayo lunch (catered in along with a signup genius for donations)
    • Green Handel’s potted flower (one day this week)
    • Friday…donuts 

Administrative Professionals day (April 27)

  • Will do flowers, card, and possibly something else

How to spend funds

  • (see treasurer’s report)

Shout Out…February Winners

  • Simons Cheese–Mrs. Northam (4th grade)
  • Hobby Lobby–Mrs. Voissem (2nd grade)
  • Kenny Rose–Mrs. Larson (special education)
  • Walgreens–Mrs. Smith (special education aide)
  • Home Tavern–Mrs. Barajas (kitchen–food services)
  • Buzz’s–Mr. Sharon (custodian)

Student Appreciation

  • March students were given Irish leis
  • April students will get a frisbee
  • May students will get a popsicle at Field Day
  • Possibly supporting the ABC countdown to summer

Bake Off

  • Pictures are due March 21 (today)
  • So far 40 entries
  • There will be 3 winners in each category (creativity, theme based, and neatness) and one overall winner
  • Winners will receive a family fun basket ($20-$25 per prize)
  • Each participant will receive a participation book 
  • Judges will receive a thank you gift for taking their time (an email to Mrs. Lipsey will be sent tonight to ask about judges

Teacher/Staff reimbursement and requests

New Business

  • Reminder April 11 will be our April meeting

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