PAC Meeting Notes April 11, 2022 6:00 PM

Principal’s Report

  • FORWARD testing is about ⅔ of the way through 5th grade is done 3rd will finish this week and 4th will begin
  • Penny war raised over $4,000!!! This is going to the Kevin Kisdolf scholarship
  • 3-5 concert was very well received
  • Upcoming 1-2 grade concert
  • ABC countdown will begin at the end of the month
  • Easter break is coming soon

Treasure’s Report

  • Just under $21,000 to spend

Freedom Family Fun Night

  • Need to purchase items
    • Face paint supplies
    • wipes
  • Food Truck Vouchers…will be handed out the night of the event
  • No pie in the face
  • Food trucks will be reimbursed the night of (hand in tickets)
  • Volunteers (High School volunteers)
    • Face painting
    • Obstacle course
    • hand out tickets (staff)
    • Tattoos
  • We will need garbage cans (Erin will meet with Tammy and John)
  • Other schools can show up if they want, but we will not send out invitations to other schools
  • School will be open for bathrooms
  • Layout (Erin will meet with Tammy and John)

Staff Appreciation week

  • We are doing shamrocks with nice sayings again for staff (they will be hung in the Staff Lounge)…PAC will be hanging them April 29 for Monday
  • Plants will be given to staff from GreenHandels (Tuesday)
  • Mexican will be catered on Cinco de Mayo (Thursday)
    • Ground beef and chicken
    • Hard shells and soft shells 
    • Desserts will be brought in by parent volunteers
    • **lunches start at 10:30–needs to be ready by this time
  • Donuts will be brought in at 7:30 for Friday 
  • (87 staff–including support staff…find out from Judy # of staff that will be there Friday appox. 60)

Administration Professional Day (April 27)

  • Hanging baskets and lunch will be provided

How to spend funds

  • Teachers were surveyed asking about items wished for. We decided to hold off on purchases until after Fun Night to assure we don’t spend down too much
  • Flexible seating may be looked at for next year (begin rotation again)
  • Seeds for Ms Wall will be purchased now due to timing of need
  • Gym needs are approved at the this time as well because we have not given extra funds to gym when we were doing flexible seating

Shout Out Program

  • March winners are…
    • B’s Brew…Mrs. Verhagen (4th)
    • B’s Brew…Mr. Riesterer (3rd)
    • Erbert and Gerbert…Mrs. Leisgang (library)
    • Erbert and Gerbert…Mrs. Osowski (associative principal)
    • Mama D’s…Miss Weidemeier (paraprofessional)
    • Mama D’s…Miss Vervoort (paraprofessional)

Student Appreciation

  • Students will get a frisbee
  • Popsicles/Chalk for May on Field Day
  • Bubble gum and ice cream for ABC countdown

Bake Off

  • Winners were posted on Facebook, Winner and participation prizes handed out.

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