PAC Meeting Notes Sept 18, 2022

  • Principal’s Report
    • School pictures went well…please give any feedback to Mrs. Lipsey 
    • The first PBS assembly was held since before COVID the Tuesday after Labor Day…the next one will take place this coming Friday, September 23
    • We decided to change meeting time to 5:30 and location change back to the elementary school in the staff lounge to allow for administration to attend longer
  • Treasurer’s Report- submitted and updated after meeting
    • Amount in account $25,304.78
    • Amount left to spend after budget items for the year $2,824.11
  • Artist in Residence (March 6-10)
    • Jennifer Stevens: Oneida Legends Through Pottery
      • Grades K-5 will create and design a pinch pot using basic methods of shaping and stamping
      • Once we get closer we will plan volunteers, lunches
  • Family Nights (Dance, Fun Night) what to have, dates?
    • Skate City: October 20…cost $8.00 per person. Melissa will set up
    • School Dance: February 10 Dj contacted, rooms reserved
    • Freedom Family Fun Night: May 17 Dj contacted, rooms reserved
    • Movie Night…Sarah will look into Field of Scenes (will they host FES??)
    • Funset Night…looking into a winter date–this has to be a Monday-Thursday night
  • Fundraisers to Discuss–What to do now, maybe discuss more at next meeting
    • Decals…currently selling. Possibly sell at conferences?
    • Bingo Night…Home Tavern in August (there was not a large turn out)
    • Cookie Dough…begin ASAP because other organizations have already started selling. Stephanie will take over coordination of this
      • In the past there have been pick up problems due to the frozen items thawing
        • Could Mrs. Lipsey send a Robo Call the day of pick up as a reminder?
        • Make sure to add pick up date to fliers
    • Spirit Wear…decided to hold. In the past we have gone through Shamrock Graphics. Melissa will contact them. Kari is a contact for Branding180. Both will discuss prices, timelines, etc and we will discuss at our Oct. meeting 
    • Restaurant Nights…Culvers is no longer doing Culver’s Nights, but we can sell coupons for ice cream (we will discuss when we will do this at another meeting)
    • Other Ideas
  • Teacher Reimbursements
    • All teaching staff- classroom, specials, specialists and special education are given $125 to use in the classroom, $250 if they are new or have changed grades. We currently have 57 total- 46 current, 10 new and 1 changed
    • 2 staff already submitted receipts
  • Conferences
    • Book Fair Volunteers…the book fair will be back during conferences, we will need a volunteer to help set up the book fair and possibly take down
    • Staff Meals…October 18th (Buzz’s) Melissa will contact Buzz’s

                  …October 19th (Walking Tacos) Sign up will be created

We will be reaching out to Erbert and Gerbert’s and Home Tavern for future staff meals

  • Student Appreciation
    • Looking into either water bottles or color changing cups
    • Since we are back to having more normal activities, will return to past appreciations of 2 days per year
  • Shout Outs
    • There will be drawings every quarter for $25 gift cards (the amount of gift cards given away will depend on the number of shout out submissions we received and the funds PAC has available) Sarah will coordinate. 
  • Officer Roles
    • President  and Treasurer will no longer be a part of PAC next year we will need someone to take over their positions
    • Vice President is also open to anyone who would like to step up into a leadership role 
    • Information on roles was given out 
  • Sign Up Volunteers
    • Watch for Sign up genius information to needs
  • Items to consider for upcoming year/unfinished from last year
    • John Siegers (former custodian) retired in the summer…we will create a Wordle (each class will be asked to provide 3 words to describe Mr. Siegers)
  • New Business/Teacher Request
    • Fill the lounge…each month an email with a sign up genius link will be sent to a certain grade level for parents/guardians to sign up and bring in snacks for the lounge

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date: Monday, October 17, 2022, 5:30 pm Freedom Elementary School, Staff Lounge. Babysitting will be provided by the National Honor Society

One response to “PAC Meeting Notes Sept 18, 2022

  1. You guys are amazing! We love our PAC!!

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