PAC Meeting Notes 10/17/22

–Principal’s report

  • Field trips have started (4K went to the pumpkin patch, K went to the fire station, and half of 2nd grade went to Madison–the other half will go later in the month)
  • Parent teacher conferences are this week Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Red Ribbon week is coming
  • October 31 the middle and high school band will be coming to play at the elementary school
  • In January grades 3-5 will be attending a Herd Game and K-2 will be watching a magician show

–Treasurer Report

  • Current balance…$23,688.71
  • Left to spend after funds are set aside for yearly activities…$618.78
  • Voted on continuing to give $1500 to the elementary school for guided reading books
  • Voted on increasing the PBS funds from $500 to $1,000


  • Student Directory…Makayla edited this document to be sent out it will be sent again later in the year with updates
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser…No update at this time
  • Parent/Teacher conference meals…Tuesday night will be catered by Buzz’s, Wednesday night will be a walking taco night
  • Shout Outs…Sara is taking shout outs and will give prizes quarterly instead of monthly
  • Skate night…This week Thursday will be the Skate City night
  • Artist in Residence…
    • Mrs. Osowski has Jennifer Stevens coming in March to make clay pots
    • Mrs. Osowski applied for and received a SEED grant to cut costs so we may have an author come later in the year
    • Volunteers will be needed in March when Jennifer comes


  • Teacher Wish List…
    • We will set up the typical Wish List as have done previously
    • possibly adding a teacher wish list for flexible seating (wait until after cookie dough fundraiser)
    • Add a wish list for the book vending machine
  • Student Appreciation-discussed ideas. Will decide at later meeting
    • Water bottles–cost is a bit more than we were thinking of spending…looking into local business or Lion’s Club to ask for donations
    • Stress ball in the shape of a shamrock
  • Spirit Wear Fundraiser
    • We received 2 bids. After discussion, we decided to work with Shamrock Graphics. We expect the sale to begin later this week
  • Dance/Fun Night
    • DJ has been booked for both. Mary will coordinate the Dance. 

–Bylaw review/Officer Positions- decided to discuss at next meeting

Next Meeting: Monday November 14, 5:30 at Freedom Elementary School staff lounge

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