PAC Meeting November 21 2022 5:30 Staff Lounge

Principal Report

  • 18 Kids received positive pups
  • Girls on the Run wrapped up with their 5K
  • 4K and K have their Christmas concert in December
  • Staff jean day
  • There will be a 12 day countdown to Christmas
  • Freedom Elementary State report card shows FES is Exceeding Expectations

Treasurer Report

  • There is $15,805.21 left to spend after budgeted items are deducted

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

  • 170 students participated
  • $12,153.53 profit from fundraiser
  • Class with the highest sales was: Bougie (having their reward Wednesday at 1:30)
  • Class with the most participation: Wilson (having their reward Tuesday 1:30)
  • Prize drawing (participants received one ticket for every 10 items sold): Madison Bombinski→she won a hoverboard

Spirit Wear Sale

  • Items tentatively coming in the week of December 5, but not certain
  • There will be a sign-up genius sent out to help with sorting when items do arrive
  • Sorting will take place at Buzz’s mid week of Dec 5- will send out sign up
  • Set up pick up at tentatively Buzz’s Dec 12  3-7  The rest to school to send home with students or for those that chose not to send them home we will contact as we had in the past

Shout Outs

  • There were 30 shout outs put on Facebook–some were duplicates making a total of 23 names
  • 5-$20 gift cards will be drawn for the 23 names

Skate Night

  • 137 skaters
  • $140 profit

Teacher Wish List

  • Teachers are being sent a google doc so they can continually update
  • This link will be shared with classroom families
  • In the future PAC may place a tree in entryway at conference time with ornaments with items requested by staff

Student Appreciation

  • Color changing water bottle option high cost–we will consider at another time
  • Reusable snow bag with Freedom logo–thoughts of too many bags that are the same may confuse students
  • $1 book from scholastic–may consider this in the future
  • snack–December 23 we will hand out candy canes to go with the Count Down to Christmas Candy Cane day

Dance **Family event**

  • February 10 6-7:30
  • Beach party theme
  • TJ the DJ is booked for this night 
  • Google Form or Survey Monkey will be sent out to find out participation numbers to help figure out how much food to purchase
  • Budgeted $2,000 

Fun Night **Family event**

  • May 17
  • TJ the DJ is booked for this night
  • We will begin contacting the food trucks in January
    • Fox Valley Food Trucks Association–look into this option because they will arrange the food trucks for the event
  • Let local restaurants know about this event so they can prepare just in case
  • PAC will sell water and beverages

Bylaw Review

  • There was no need to change anything at this time

Officer Positions

  • Please keep in mind the three officer positions will be open for next year–consider taking on a leadership role

Requests that have come in to approve

  • One School, One Book–approximately $3 per family→PAC will purchase the books for this event
  • The book will be a Paddington book (PAC bake off will happen around the same time as the event)
  • The guidance counselor and art teacher will be teaming up to create a “Kindness Rocks” rock garden→PAC will purchase the rocks for this activity 

New Business

  • John Seegers will be receiving a card with $50 and a framed wordle
  • Different grade levels will be asked to stock the break room for different months (4K November, K December, 1 January…) →Judy will email the grade levels each month to let them know
  • Book Fair appreciation→Pat sent a kind thank you email regarding all the help received from PAC during the book fair
  • Artist in Residence will need volunteers to help the week of and to help with firing all the clay pots in the kiln

Next Meeting: Monday January 16 at 5:30 in the staff lounge

**PAC does not meet in December

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