PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, February 20, 2023 5:30 PM Staff Lounge

*Principal’s Report

Mustaches for Max Friday

1st grade concert at FES Tuesday 28th

Dr. Seuss and 1 book next week

Artist with pinch pots the week of March 6 

*Treasurer Report

Amount Available to date $28,942.40

Left to Spend $13,920.59

A lot of teachers made use of teacher reimbursements

Items in Progress/done past years:

*Artist in Residences (March 6-10) and (May 1-5 and 8-12)

Volunteer slips are coming in…we will figure out when parent schedule matches 

with their child’s class

We will get lunch for the artist

Hotel is set for artist

*Skate City (March 17 5:30-7:30)

Slips, newsletter, and facebook will inform families of the evening

* Bake Off

This will take place in March

Book for all participants

Gift card for judges

Prize for top 3 winners in each category

*Staff Appreciation Week (May 8-12)

Look into companies for donations (Walmart, Cosco…)

Different ideas suggested. Will look into for next meeting

*Fun Night – May 17 (4:00-7:00)

Food Trucks–Mary reaching out to food trucks

Jump Around $953.70 for two jump houses and generator

Suggestions: Face Painting, Chalk, Bubbles, Tatoos

Drinks as PAC fundraiser

Ask NHS for volunteers

*Trivia Night

Still looking into this event

*Ball/Book Drive or Classroom Wish List items?

Playground Drive–Mrs. Lipsey making a wish list from Amazon (Kris will contact Tammy)

Walkway through the woods

Reports from recent items:

*Parent/Teacher Conferences (Feb. 15)

Leftover food from last conference–keep as the same number because spring conferences teachers may not ‘fill’ their plate and just come back to snack if they are hungry

*Beach Party Dance (Feb 10 6:00-7:30)

Need to let parents to know school rules still apply…teachers will also reinforce that school rules still apply after school the week before

Kids had a good time

Clean up food a little earlier to alleviate kids taking too much at the end

*Spirit Wear Fundraiser

The second round did not go over as well

No paper orders next year

Orders open at open house and end 2nd week of September

Older kids will do design

*Shout Out Program 2nd Qtr winners

Winners received $20 gift cards. The winners were…

Mrs. Tietz

Mr. Riesterer

Mrs. Wilson

Mr. Maronek 

*Community Fundraiser Nights

Tom’s and Culver’s cheese curd gift cards suggested

New Items:

*Teacher/Staff Reimbursement and Requests

*Flexible Seating

look at this as an option for 4K next spring

*New Business/Ideas

Jake’s Network of Hope 

Website that gets bulk donations and 501C3 can go and purchase materials for teachers

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at

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