PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, March 20, 2023 5:30 PM

*Principal’s Report
Mustache’s for Max fundraiser was very successful. The Artist in Residence program was awesome last week. Students with Native American heritage were proud of the knowledge shared. The school is currently participating in the One School, One Book program as well as March Madness Book voting. Forward testing is starting. The 4th and 5th grade concert is March 21 the 2nd and 3rd grades concert will be April 25.

*Treasurer Report
None given

*Skate City Report
Great turn out! There were 176 skaters. Families were really enjoying themselves

*Playground Items
Mrs. Osowski said there were some items in the furnace room. They plan to put them out in the Spring as they go flat right away outside in the winter. We started a discussion on repairing the boardwalk. There were suggestions of reaching out to  

*Bake Off—Pictures due today tomorrow
We decided to give a book to participants. There will be 3 winners in each of the 3 categories- theme, creativity and “I did it myself”. There was discussion of enforcing 1 entry per family. Will work with judges regarding winners

*Shout Out Program- 3rd Quarter
As the quarter was ending that day we didn’t have a total for number of Shout Outs and will determine the number of raffles after the meeting

*Artist in Residence
Jennifer Stevens was amazing! It was very moving to see the connection made between the heritage she shared and the students. There were several Native American students that expressed pride. The students had a great time making pots. They will receive them in a few weeks after they are fired and painted

The 2nd Artist in Residence will take place May 3-7 and 10-14. Steve Wirz will work with the students to make a paper mache fish. We will need volunteers. A sign up sheet will be coming.

*Fun Night May 17
We are working on having Food Trucks, Fire Department, Outagamie County Sheriff Department,  trucks, face painting, DJ, tattoos, inflatable obstacle courses, chalk, DJ. We will hold meetings outside on monthly ones until Fun Night to plan

*Staff Appreciation Week
PAC will set up a catered meal, sign up meal and two days of items to be given to staff. Mrs. Lipsey and Mrs. Osowski will take care of Wednesday of the week. More info to come.

*Administrative Professionals Day April 27
PAC will honor the office staff as we have in the past to show our appreciation for all they do

*Student Appreciation
PAC donates popsicles and chalk for field day
We will plan on participating with ABC Countdown days- looking to do 3 days instead of 2
Planning on providing $5 coupons per student to use for food at Fun Night

*Teacher/Staff Reimbursement and Requests
No new reimbursements have come in prior to meeting

*New Business/Ideas
We will set up a Tom’s night out on April 18. More information to come.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at

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