PAC Meeting 4/17/23

Principal’s Report

  • Battle of the Books is complete (4th & 5th graders) – 40 participants, 4 finalists – 32nd at State
  • 4K Screen Day is scheduled for April 28th
  • Aime and Tony Kazik are doing Kids for Running – approx 40 participants – discount received for participants that do the Bellin Run
  • Summer School Registration is complete.  Fees are due Friday, April 21st.
  • Rescheduled Artist in Residence starts May 1st.
  • Blizzard Game – Dash for Cash is Friday, May 5th.

Treasurer Report

  • Funds to spend $11,002.95
  • $176 Received from Skate City Fundraiser
  • $389.77 spent for Bake Off
  • Artist in Residence in May is not paid for

Bake Off

  • There were 33 entries.
  • There were 9 winners.
  • There were 7+ judges for the bake off.  Voted to provide a gift card for all judges.
  • Books were prepared for all participants.
  • Baskets for the winners included a book, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and water soaker.  

Shout Out Program

  • 40 Shout-outs submitted for 3rd Quarter / 29 different entries for gift cards
  • There will be 7 $20 gift cards purchased to be randomly selected for the shout outs
  • Cut-off for 4th Quarter Shout outs will be May 12th

Artist in Residence (May 1-5 and 8-12 )

  • Volunteer schedule has been prepared and sent to parents
  • Extra volunteers on some days – have them hand out ice cream, work on other projects
  • Hotel is booked
  • Erin will be picking up lunches daily and submitting receipts for reimbursement
  • Clay pots from the Artist in Residence from March are going home this week.  There was only one pot broker – Asher Lamers.

Fun Night May 17 (4-7 PM)

  • National Honor Society and Art Club have been contacted to volunteer.

-We will wait to see how many sign up before we open it to other high school groups.

-We will provide pizza to the groups at their next gathering instead of doing individual gift cards as per last year.

  • We will contact Connie Wheeler if we need additional volunteers as she should have the list of high school groups with students who may need hours.
  • We will sell water and soda (Coke, Dt Coke, Rt Beer and 7Up) for $1.00.  Kris will check with Tractor Supply on donating water.  Sarah and Melissa will purchase soda (10 cases each).
  • We will need coolers, kiddie pools, ice for beverages. 
  • We will need an extra tables, signs and workers for beverage table.
  • We will need volunteers for:  teachers at coupon table, drinks, inflatables, face paint.
  • Sarah presented information for Juggler with the Yellow Shoes.  It was voted that we would have him join us for 2 hours at $350.00.  Sarah will contact him to sign contract.
  • Erin has chalk remaining from last year.
  • Erin will check with art teacher on face paint supplies – do we purchase or have them?  
  • $5 in coupons will be handed to students and teachers the day of the event.
  • Terri will print the $5 coupons per student in a different color paper than last year
  • Kimberly Groenjes will contact the Fire Department for attendance.
  • Mary and Erin have been in contact with Outagamie County liaison Officer Jake for attendance with vehicles.
  • Kyle Baneck may be bringing a tractor and chopper depending on weather.
  • Food trucks confirmed:  4 Schmidts and Giggles BBQ, Captain Quesadilla, Ice Clouds, Ice Cold Emergency, On the Fritz Concessions.
  • Mary spoke to each of the food trucks to confirm that they will have enough staff at the event to keep the lines moving.

Staff Appreciation Week

  • Shamrocks are due April 27th.
  • We are promoting that students remember “ALL” helpers at the school for recognition.
  • Shamrocks will be hung up Friday, May 5th.
  • Monday – staff receives lottery ticket with coin from PAC.
  • Tuesday – Taco Tuesday- lunch catered from Kelsey’s Kitchen PAC pays for.
  • Wednesday – Mrs Lipsey/Mrs Osowski handling
  • Thursday – Salad lunch provided by PAC – sign up for parents.
  • Friday – assorted candy bars/snacks in the teacher break room.  Sarah volunteered to prepare.

Administrative Professionals Day – April 26, 2023

  • Flower baskets and gift card for B’s Brews for Judy, Lori and Steph – Missy will deliver the morning of the 26th.

Principals/Vice Principals Day – May 1, 2023

  • Large flower pots for Mrs Lipsey and Mrs Osowski – Missy will deliver the morning of May 1st.

Student Appreciation / ABC Countdown dates

  • Thursday, April 27 – gum provided by PAC.
  • Monday, May 8 – Ice Cream sponsored by Tidy View.
  • Wednesday, May 31 – You are special treat (Rice Krispie Treats – ?)

Tom’s Night – April 18th

  • Sheet sent home with each student.  
  • Judy made an announcement.
  • Announcement reminder on Facebook.

4th Grade Design Spirit Wear Logo

  • Sheet has been updated.  
  • Send home with students May 1st to be returned by May 26th.

Teacher/Staff Reimbursement and Requests

  • Mrs Rennes (PK-4) requested new field trip shirts.  Approximate cost is $7-8 each, total cost of approximately $400.
  • The request was approved by a majority vote.  Mary motioned to approve.  Kristi second the motion.  Four new board members and current acting president approved.

Welcome Letters

  • We discussed including decals in the Welcome Letters for new students and families at open house and possibly to Pre-K teachers to put with their welcome packets for students.

FES Nature Trail

  • Set up at Family Fun Night photos, display to show how the trail needs to be updated.
  • Kris will contact Connie Wheeler to see if she has photos from when the trail was first constructed.

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