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PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, November 19, 2018

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
*They gave the Positive Pup award to Mr. Awe for November; An all-school dance was held during the day (K-2, 3-5); The kids had a lot of fun.
*Girls on the Run organized a service project and collected enough items to create over 60 birthday boxes for the local pantry. FES students Student Council donated several items
*The middle and high school bands performed for Halloween
*State Report Card came: Elementary School improved to 85.5%; need 93% to significantly exceed; math scores look really good; improving in other areas (exceeding the state %s in some areas). Overall: District was 78.3%

Treasurer’s Report
*Beginning checkbook balance (11/19/18): $6,480.51
*Dollars set aside (includes Paper Recycling amount):  $1,000 (playground equip);
$500 PBS awards; $3,500 to keep year to year
*Spendable amount:  -$1,480.50
**Funset Boulevard: profited $440
**Outdoor Classroom: Lowes will let Erin know in January if we will receive the grant
**Teacher $100 gift reimbursements: $1,330.36 received to date
**Stamps for outdoor classroom donation letters: $47.50
Erin Lenhardt contacted Dept. of Revenue and they noted that teachers should use the school’s tax exempt number when purchasing items for $100 reimbursement. PAC reps can use the PAC tax exempt ID number when purchasing items used for PAC activities.

Ms. Wall (Art Committee/Request)
*An Art Committee has been formed by some teachers. They are looking at ways to improve building aesthetics (entry way, bathrooms, steps, buddy benches for outdoor playgrounds, painted rocks for outside, large potted plants, for examples); Sue Rudolph is currently working on colored bottle cap project
*In order to accomplish this the committee will need funding for supplies (glue, paint, brushes, tape, etc) and may look for parent & student volunteers as projects are decided
*PAC may consider using funds to consider this an “Artist in Residence” project
*Art Committee to develop a plan and get back to PAC for assistance/funds

Spirit Wear Fundraiser
*$14,512; profited $4,525.50; The sale didn’t profit as much as last year ($6,000 profit last year)
*Last of orders handed out this morning; waiting for some last checks to come in

Parent/Teacher Conferences – Potluck Report
*Amanda Hedtke noted all went well; We do not need as much food the 2nd Soda was requested for future potlucks—can provide any type of variety for next time; prefer cans
*Lipsey and Mrs. Schmeltzer noted all went well and was very well received
*Need parents to label their utensils, crock pots, etc. so they can be returned respectively

Funset Boulevard – Nov. 8th
*Sold 110 wristbands; $440 profit
*Less attendees than last year (165 last year)
*A parent had sent in tickets and tokens, which were distributed for students to use

 Cookie Dough Fundraiser
*No report yet (Terri Romitti not able to attend PAC meeting)
*Orders seem to be down this year, but there was a rush at the end

School Dance – Feb. 8th
*Cindy Taft volunteered to coordinate the dance as she has in past years. This will be her last year as her youngest will be moving to middle school. Cindy was not at the meeting. Erin will contact to see what help is needed
*Erin contacted National Honor Society again to see if they can help this year again

Brain Bowl – Feb. 5th & 6th
*Connie Wheeler will run. This is her last year as her youngest moves to middle school; Kimberly Groenjes signed up to help (can help do prep work, but not available during the day) Erin will run the day of.
*Erin Lenhardt noted to have the font increased asking for volunteers at the bottom of donation form so it is more visable

Paper Recycling
*Only 1 check ($155) received to date- Connie will check with company to see if more are coming
*Next dates: Dec. 17, 2018 – Jan. 7, 2019

Plastic Recycling (ongoing)
*502# donated to date this school year
*Update to come January/February as to how schools are doing

Teacher Request(s)
Ms. Wall on behalf of Kindergarten team:
*Looking to have YMCA Rep (Shawn) to do a 2-hour in-school presentation/hands-on hibernation activity in the cafeteria; $122 to cover 107 Kindergarten students; payment would be due after program; scheduled for January 18, 2019
*PAC voted in favor of funding the activity

New Business
*Artist in Residence mural is installed; We still need to determine where to install the front entrance window murals that had been removed with the remodel. We will be adding 2 additional shamrocks once they are fixed/completed
*A Teacher Wish list email was sent out. It will be put on our website. We will also be creating a “treasure bin” to be placed in the staff break room. Parents/Students can bring in little trinkets to be put in bin. The items can be taken by staff and used for incentives in classrooms

 If you have questions or comments, please email

We do not meet in December.  Next meeting January 21st 2019 6:00 pm

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, November 19, 2018 6:00 PM

*Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

*Treasurer Report

*Paper Recycling-Update from previous/next dates

*Miss Wall (art committee / request)

*Spirit Wear Fundraiser

*Parent Teacher Conferences Potluck Report

*Funset Boulevard Night-report

*Cookie Dough Fundraiser

*School Dance—Feb. 8th

*Brain Bowl-need dates

*Plastic Recycling –ongoing

*Teacher Requests

*New Business

Reminder:  We do NOT meet in December

Our next meeting will be Monday January 21st 2019 at 6:00pm.  Babysitting will be provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.

PAC Meeting Notes for Oct. 15th 2018 6:00 P.M.

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

  • Met w/construction company regarding playground; We should be able to reuse all saved items; Looking to add a small climbing slide
  • Looking at replacing some current playground equipment, i.e., swings to be moved back (no fall zone); Possibly add some climbing equipment
  • Parking lot — new issue: people driving over the middle sidewalk from one lot to another
  • Parents cannot take a student off the school bus; student must have a note; There have had 5 incidents
  • Doors now have locks; Need a badge to go from office into the main part of the school; Working on the buzzer system too
  • Looking to rebrand throughout the building and grounds; Working with Lifetouch, i.e., outside and other areas; Ms. Wall/Ms. Rudolph also looking to set up a committee to paint, stencil, vinyl, etc. around the building to enhance
  • Considering doing school pictures open house so parents can have more control with student’s appearance; We are working with Lifetouch on possibility (time and space may be a concern for Lifetouch); Connie suggested doing pictures at the same time of registration (at the High school); Mrs. Lipsey to talk to Kevin Kilstofte
  • Also asked if families would be interested in spring pictures; unanimous notation that there are Spring sports and the group would not be interested

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning checkbook balance (10/15/18): $3,535.88
Dollars set aside (includes Paper Recycling amount):  $5,040.00
Spendable amount:  ($1,504.12)

  • $4,225 deposit for Outdoor Classroom- $20,547.63 construction bill was paid
  • Fall Student Appreciation snack: $83.39
  • PBS Awards: $500 still set aside; Connie to provide a check to Judy Vosters (November)
  • $1,000 set aside for playground equipment; Erin holding off on getting any more balls, etc.; she made some hula hoops for the playground(s); We will wait until spring to determine any more equipment pieces
  • Paper Recycling: received 1 check; 1-2 more still to come
  • Erin noted potential Lowe’s grant may still come

Spirit Wear Sale

  • 821 ordered items; Terri estimated approx. $14,000 taken in with approx., $6,000 profit (Terri to have final numbers for Nov. meeting)
  • Products to come in Tues., 10/16; They will be delivered to custodial area and Erin will start sorting/bagging orders. She is looking for help with this
  • Looking to have sorted by Wed., 10/23, for people to receive orders
  • Parents who don’t want the students to receive or orders are too big will pick up at conferences.

Parent/Teacher Conferences – Potluck and Book Fair

  • Amanda coordinating a soup night on Wed., Oct. 24, and hot sandwich on Thurs., Oct. 25
  • Email was sent out for parents to sign up to bring in items
  • Book Fair: being delivered Tues. morning, Oct. 16

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

  • Start date: Nov. 2; orders/money due Nov. 16; delivery Dec. 13 — room reserved
  • Need to provide notation to parents for when and where to pick up, including parking information

Funset Boulevard – Nov. 8th

  • Forms to be sent home this week
  • Charging $5 each wristband, same as last year (PAC pays $1 each)

Paper Recycling

  • 1 check received so far; 1-2 more to come
  • Next dates: Dec. 17, 2018 – Jan. 7, 2019

Fall Student Appreciation

  • Went well again this year; students received Mott’s Fruit Snacks

Staff Meeting

  • Went well; staff enjoyed the ice cream treat

Outdoor Classroom

  • Erin went to a couple trophy places; each noted they can’t provide a quote until size and quantity of plaques needed is provided; She has a sample of a plaque, but still considering options. We will wait until project is complete for plaques recognizing in Freedom Pursuit
  • Donations still coming in; looking to do a letter in the Spring to possibly obtain more donations.
  • Thank you letters will be sent to those that donated with notation that they are tax deductible

Plastic Recycling (ongoing)

  • 185 lbs donated in Sept.

Teacher Wish List

  • Erin will take care of setting up soon

School Dance – Feb. 8th

  • Cindy’s last year; looking to see if someone can chair going forward
  • Erin reached out to see if the National Honor Society students can volunteer again

Brain Bowl- early Feb.

  • Connie’s last year; looking to see if someone can chair going forward

New Business/Requests

  • Sue Rudolph researching brackets for installing last year’s Artist in Residence project. We were waiting to install until front entry way is done and install concerns considered
  • Looking to see where older window mural pieces can be installed due to new entrance window frames not being the same size

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, November 19th, 2018, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room.

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday Oct. 15th 6:00 PM Art Room

*Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

*Treasurer’s Report

*Spirit Wear Sale

*Parent/Teacher conferences – Potluck and Book Fair

*Cookie Dough Fundraiser

*Funset Boulevard – Nov. 8th


*Paper Recycling

*Student Appreciation

*Staff Meeting

*Outdoor Classroom

*Plastic Recycling- ongoing

Future items:

*Teacher Wish List

*School Dance – Feb. 8th

*Brain Bowl – early Feb.

New Business/Requests that have come in to approve


PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, September 17th 2018 ~ 6:00 pm ~ Art Room

  • Introductions/Committee Sign Ups
    Members introduced themselves and told the group which teachers their children had. Committee sign up sheet was passed around
  • Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?Enrollment is at 711. Drop off is getting better, pick up still has some issues but is getting much smoother.
    Outdoor classroom looks great.
    4K playground was taken out for the new parking area may not be usable any more. This will be determined after they put up the fence that was saved and equipment is inspected. We will need playground for the younger children. Currently they are using the K-2 side, which is also getting dated, not rated for younger kids and doesn’t have a boundary.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    $4225-donations for the outdoor classroom. $2000 was from the Student Council which was wonderful.
    $24,191.90 is the checkbook balance
    $9830- paper recycling balance $4225 was donated $14,055 set aside for outdoor classroom
    $1590 – set aside
    Spendable balance $8,546 (will be used to pay balance of outdoor classroom)
  • Outdoor Classroom
    The structure is completed and we received the bill $20,547.63 which is slightly lower than the estimate. The quality is very nice and they put it up very quickly.
    The Lowe’s grant was submitted-we will be requesting the seating, landscaping and cleaning up. We will not hear about the grant until Dec. or Jan.
    We sent out letters to businesses and families asking for donations. We will recognize donations of over $100 in the Freedom Pursuit. Donations of over $200 are a bronze level, $500 are a silver level, over $1000 platinum level. We had 4 over $100, 6 over $200, 1 over $500, 1 over $1000. We need to send out thank you letters with mention that the donation is tax deductible.
    Suggestions of trophy/wood places were mentioned for the engravings. We are going to look at different options and discuss at next meeting.
    Ms. Diedrick contacted HS woods department. They may be able to help but will need more information. We will not have funds for the furniture until Spring. She will also talk with teachers to see what kind of seating they would like.
    We have a paper recycling drive going on now until Oct. 1st. We will continue to put the money collected towards the classroom. The dumpster was moved for this drive and may move again. Mrs. Lipsey sent out a letter mentioning the paper recycling and outdoor classroom to bring awareness to the benefits of the drive.
  • Teacher Reimbursements gifts
    We give the teachers (including homeroom, specials, special ed, etc) $100 to use in the classroom. We give $200 to new teachers or those that have changed grades. We voted and approved giving the teachers the reimbursement gifts again. PAC will serve sundaes at the Oct. staff meeting and explain PAC and guidelines. We have recently gone through the 501c3 status. We will need to look at getting a tax exempt form to give to the teachers to use while purchasing items. We may not be able to offer tax reimbursement for online orders. Connie will look into tax exempt form.
  • Student Appreciation
    Twice a year we give the students something to show our appreciation. Typically it is a food item, in the past we have also done water bottles. Loralee will coordinate the Fall appreciation. Typically we hold this the 1st week of October. Erin will contact her. She was unable to make the meeting tonight
  • Spirit Wear
    We had a table at Open House with sizes and examples of the design. This was very well received. Parents and children liked the ability to touch and see the items. Order forms went out on Friday-some children will be bringing home soon if they haven’t already. We have received some orders already. We will send a reminder email. We are hoping to have orders ready to go for conferences. Orders are due Oct. 4th. Terri needs to have them to business by Oct.7th to tentatively receive orders Oct. 17th. Terri will be looking for volunteers to help sort orders at the VFW. We are already looking at new designs for next year. We will reach out to Student Council to see if Spirit Wear days can be added to the calendar later in the year. A suggestion was made to have the sale more than one a year. Terri stated we are considering adding another sale in the Spring which would offer gadget type things and some clothes to gear towards Spring/Summer. We are unable to offer all year due to the printing cost.
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser
    Sale start date will be Friday Nov. 2nd. The orders/money are due Nov. 16th. Delivery Thursday Dec. 13th. Mrs. Lipsey will talk with Cheer to see if we can use the multipurpose room. Terri will talk with the gym teachers. We don’t believe we will be able to do the prize machine due to a separate assembly that is coming in. The company is offering key chains as incentive during sale. We will add it as part of prize package at pick up. The prizes are not cumulative, same as last year. The company is pushing for online sales. Terri will need help sorting orders and during pick up. We will have pick up time beginning at 3:30, after the buses leave, to avoid congestion.
  • Reports
    • Student Directory: We had the link for the student directory as part of the registration. There may be a concern that if someone entered the information and later entered a submission to not be part of the directory-it wasn’t recorded. There were also some submissions with multiple children from the same family with different responses. We would like to email an excel sheet to parents to verify-however this may not be possible due to confidentiality rules. If we can’t we will print as is. We will look to fix this for next year. Using the registry was beneficial as more children had the opportunity to sign up.
    • Playground/Donation: We received 2 full boxes of balls for the playground. We will send her a thank you with tax deductible information. Jennifer Fox and Erin went through sheds, pumped up balls and threw out ones that were flat. The balls deflate often due to them being outside. There is a cabinet in the custodian’s room with a pump and playground balls.
    • Plastic Recycling: The bins have been set up. The collection will continue through April. The plastic is weighed and then taken to a store. The amounts are entered monthly. The school that collects the most in the division (based on location and size) will receive a bench made out of plastic. Every school that participates receives an item made out of plastic. Freedom Elementary has won benches the last 2 years.
    • Magnets: We have a box of magnets that were made severals years ago when the PAC logo was created. Magnets were sent home with 4K and K children. We will continue to give to 4K until they are gone. Erin will reach out to Mrs. Hofacker to see if they can be given to families that are new to the school
  • Upcoming Events
    • Picture Day Sept. 26/27
      We need volunteers to help the day run smoothly. We try to get the kids done by gym and recess. 4 parents volunteered to help.
    • Parent/Teacher Conference Meals Oct. 24th and 25th (potluck and book fair)
      Amanda Hedtke will coordinate the 2 evening meals. She will set up an online sign up for these items. She has taken notes from previous sign ups in regards to what we went through to assure we have enough food/items but not a surplus. Parents will need to park to bring in the items. We have leftover ketchup, mustard and pickles from staff cookout.
      The library hosts a book fair during the conferences. They are looking for help setting it up. It will be lower key this year and mostly books instead of other items. 3 parents volunteered to help. The tentative date is Oct. 17th. Mrs. Zabel will let us know closer to the date.
    • Badger Sports/Family Fun Nights
      These nights can only be held on Sun-Thursday nights. We typically pick days in which there is no school or early release the next day. Erin set up the Badger Sports night for May 2nd so that we have a better chance of the outdoor attractions will be running. Last year it was very snowy late and we almost didn’t have them for our April date. We discussed the Funset dates. We will host on Nov. 8th and then possibly host another March 28th.
  • New Business
    The meeting date in February has been changed from the 18th to the 11th due to No School.

If you have any questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date: Monday October 15th 2018 6:00 pm in the Art Room (22)

PAC Meeting Agenda Monday Sept.17th 6:00 PM Art Room

Introductions / Committee Sign Ups

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

Treasurer’s Report

Outdoor Classroom
*Plaques / Donations
*Paper Recycling

Teacher Reimbursement Gifts (vote to continue)

Fall Student Appreciation

Spirit Wear Sale

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

*Student Directory
*Playground items

*Picture Day Sept. 26th,  27th
*Parent Teacher Conferences Oct. 24th, 25th (potluck and book fair)
*Badger Sports / Funset Nights

New Business



PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, May 21, 2018, 6:00pm

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

  • Mrs. Schmelzter gave the report for Mrs. Lipsey.
  • Carnival for a Cause (Fri., 5/18); raised approx. $2,700; went very well; to give a check to the Snow Drop Foundation on last assembly day; planning to do again
  • Guided Reading Testing almost finished; next grade level assessing current grade level (ex. 4th grade teachers assessing 3rd grade students)
  • Two of slides on primary playground (two that come down together): cracked and taped; no word on money coming in from district; estimate $2,500 for repairs
  • Staffing updates: Amanda Sussex (4K) to teach Kindergarten next year; Mrs. Northam to 4th grade from 3rd grade; hiring part-time employee 4k teacher

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Beginning Balance: $20,785.65
  • Set Aside: $13,596.57 (includes paper recycling)
  • Ending Balance: $7,189.08
  • 1st grade flexible seating completed; money leftover put back into budget; 2nd grade also completed (exceeded by $33)
  • Playground equipment: $98 left over; to start Fall with $1,000
    Erin purchased items throughout year. We will revisit what is needed for next year, may take items to classrooms to show what they are getting, explain how to use them and remind that if they are misused/broken they will not get new equipment.
  • PAC Recognitions: $500 set aside
  • PBS: $500 set aside for 2018-19 school year
  • Artist in Residence: went over budget by $804 ($9,304.19) due Kindergarten making an item for the classroom and being a part of the mural. The cost of glass also went up. She did not charge us for the staff and helper pendants that were made.
  • Paper Recycling: $8,922.89 set aside

Mrs. DeAnna Anderson Request

  • Book Room (in back area of library – leveled books for teachers to use in small group guided reading, for example; many types of uses): funds are running low (have taken awhile to dwindle down existing funds) – giving a heads up for possible funds’ request in near future; review/determine needs (fiction, non-fiction, science, plants, for example); looking to continue to purchase books; do a budget for the district; wrote 3 grants for funds, but did not receive any (able to keep applying again for some of the grants); weeded out some older and not-in-great-shape books, giving to students who may not have any at home for summer reading
  • Mrs. Anderson noted spending approx. $2,000 this school year; to double check how much has been spent each year
  • Connie noted having given $5,000 lump sum a couple years ago (2+) which they pull money from as needed
  • Erin suggested using one of next year’s fund-raisers for this request

Paper Recycling

  • Update from March: $379
  • Last drive: May 21-June 11: bringing in lots of items for recycling (year-end clean-out)
  • Dates for 2018-19 school year: Sept. 17 – Oct. 1, 2018; Dec. 17, 2018 – Jan. 7, 2019;
    18, 2019 – Apr., 1, 2019; May 20 – June 10, 2019

End of Year Recognition

  • Honoring: 18 aides and 4 custodians
  • Retirees: 2 (Mrs. Froehlich and Mr. Jim Seegers)

Fifth Grade Promotion – May 31

  • Students to sign Thank You Card; Erin will coordinate
  • Cakes to be requested from cafeteria
  • Have forks; need plates, napkins, water and decorations
  • Decided not to ask 5th grade parents to help; will ask for 4th grade parents next year

How to Spend Funds:

  • Outdoor Classroom: Board approved, but not providing funds; requested all materials be long-lasting, i.e., cedar lumber, stainless hardware, this increased the estimate by $2,000
  • $21,850 quote; approx. $6,500 still needed to fund; Ms. Diedrick and Erin are working on the Lowe’s grant to be submitted in early August (maximum amount is $5,000)
  • Preference is to do all at once (concrete slab and structure), ideally this summer (after summer school)
  • Can solicit families and businesses for funds, suggested engraved plaques with donors name, businesses would have to check with their accountants to see if this is eligible for tax credit. Connie will check with auditor. Terri and Erin to coordinate brochure and get approval to send out.
  • Ms. Diedrick will contact Victor to reach out to the construction company to see what their time frame availability and what their payment requirements are.


  • Plastic Bag Recycling (ended April 13): FES won 1st place (by several hundred pounds), received a 2nd bench; collected 1,608 lbs.; set out bins next year in Sept.
  • Badger Sports Fun Night (April 26): 83 wristbands purchased; $431 profit; signed up for May 2, 2019; Terri suggested for next year adding the value (actual price) so parents see what type of savings they get
  • Artist in Residence (April 9-13, 23-26, May 4): Went really well; kids loved their pieces. The murals will be placed this summer, probably after front entry way construction. PAC will send out an email with pictures to school including current 5th graders so they can see finished project.
  • Staff Appreciation (May 7-11): Amanda noted went well, made some notes for next year, including providing a listing of what to serve and get ideas from staff for what they’d like; teachers enjoyed everything!!
  • Spring Student Appreciation (May 14-15): Mini Oreo Cookies for students. They loved them!
  • Field Day (May 25): we will provide popsicles; Amanda purchased and froze; all good to go for event

Looking Ahead to 2018-19 School Year:

  • Fall Open House–table: last week of August; hoping to have Spirit Wear to view; Decided not to do raffles
  • Meeting Dates: Keep on 3rd Monday each month at 6:00 pm
  • Committee Sign-Up: sending sheets around
  • Co-Treasurer Position: Connie’s last year 2018-19; a co-treasurer will be able to learn the position throughout the year; Connie will meet with Abe (auditor) to review/complete year-end forms for submission. Terri volunteered to take the co-treasurer position.
  • Year-at-a-Glance/Suggestions for next year: Erin would like to set up/send out to give a heads up to parents for the school year; shared a listing she had received
  • Lost & Found: Lots of items not yet claimed; Erin also noted items are spread throughout the school
  • New Business:
    — Cookie Dough: need to decide to keep around same time so vendor (Hansen’s) can get on schedule.
    — Spirit Wear Day: suggested to check with office for days throughout school year for students to wear their new Sprit Wear, i.e., PBS events, assembly dates

*PAC would like to thank Wendy Cropsy and Michelle Gloudemans for their outstanding service to PAC.  Both have previously held officer positions and helped with several events throughout the years.   Their children will be moving onto middle school. They will be missed!

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday May 21st 2018~ 6:00 p.m. ~ Art Room

  • Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    Year end-profit/expenses spreadsheet and discussion
  • Mrs. Anderson request
  • End of year recognitions
  • Fifth Grade Promotion—May 31st
  • How to Spend Funds:
    Outdoor Classroom


  • Paper Recycling:
    Update from March
    Last drive May 21st– June 11th
    Do we have dates for next year?
  • Plastic bag recycling– Ended April 13th
  • Badger Sports Fun Night– April 26th
  • Artist in Residence– April 9th -13th / 23rd -26th / May 4th
  • Staff Appreciation– May 7th -11th
  • Student Appreciation– May 14th/15th
  • Field Day—May 25th (popsicles)

Looking ahead to next year:

  • Fall Open House
  • Meeting dates for 2018-19
  • Committee Sign Up
  • Co-Treasurer position
  • Year at a glance /Suggestions for next year

New Business

This is the final PAC meeting for this school year





PAC Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, April 17, 2018 6:00 pm Art Room

Treasurer’s Report:
Beginning Balance: $26,053.21
Set Aside: $18,681.80
Ending Balance: $7,371.41
*1st grade flexible seating is complete; a sizable amount has been done for 2nd grade flexible seating ($2200; $768 left to spend)
*Connie paid the $500 for PBS
*All playgrounds could use chalk (Connie had purchased quite a bit—should be enough for the remainder of the school year; some will be saved for use next year) and some could use playground balls, too; Erin had purchased some expensive ones from School Specialty, but is planning to purchase cheaper ones from Walmart
*5th Grade Celebration: funds not yet set aside; Connie suggested $75 for this year
*Brain Bowl: 2-3 outstanding donations (approx. $100); Connie has sent reminders
*501(c)(3): Exceeded by approx. $700

Paper Recycling – Any updates? Dates for final one this year?
*Next event: May 21-June 11; Connie will be receiving some from the Middle School (teachers getting rid of paper, too)
*Connie received an inquiry from a student’s parent (middle school/high school) re: their particular sport looking to do a fund-raiser for a one-time trip; if paper is received from middle school/high school and a one-time thing only, then okay, but not to share with others so as to diminish PAC’s fund-raising efforts

Outdoor Classroom:
*The school board approved, but wanted to get clarification from the contractor re: the materials being used — there was a concern that if they aren’t treated or higher quality, the wood will be harder to maintain and the metal may rust etc– waiting on that info.
*We would also need input on when payment would be due (and if we can’t afford or need to do in stages) and when it can completed – (probably when school /summer school) isn’t in session. Ms. Diedrick is going to be working on the grant, though it isn’t open until August.
*Approx. $9,000 set aside to date from paper recycling drives
*Would have an additional $7,000 to spend; Connie suggests using it toward this project

 Artist in Residence:
*The week has been going great! We have had several volunteers and the classes have been going very smoothly. We will be sending home a note with instructions on how to make the glass into a magnet. After talking with Trista, the type and cost of epoxy and magnets needed would be pricy. There would also be risk of fumes from the epoxy without ventilation and an added risk of magnet falling and choking hazard in the art room. The 2nd week will be April 23-26 and May 4th. Ms. Rudolph is working with Mr. Seibers and Trista on how the mural will be hung. Sue noted the new groundskeeper, Victor, is also involved for determining installation.
*Discussed when to send home with the students their pendants; would like to get some pictures of the final pieces as well as some pictures of the kids’ hands cutting glass to possibly do a photo book as done in the past.

 Family Fun Night – April 26th Badger Sports:
*Info has been put on Facebook and will be emailed out. Flyers are put up at school. Nothing has to be purchased ahead of time, you just show up. They will need to tell them they are with Freedom Elementary to get the discount. Parents can call ahead of time to sign up for laser tag. If 50 people show up, we receive 50% of the Utopia pass card purchases. If there are less than 50, we receive 30%. The 2-hour cost is $10 plus tax;
3-hour is $12 plus tax. They are normally $28 for 2 hour and $33 for 3 hour. It includes laser tag, mini bowling, inflatables (ages 2-10), go karts, mini golf, batting cages and all non-ticket arcade games. The outdoor items typically open in April-but it is their discretion. We will receive a check in the mail afterwards.

 Staff Appreciation Week — May 7-11:
*Amanda Hedtke will email the link to Judy K. (front office) to send out week of April 23 for people to sign up.
*We do not have any leftover plates, cups, etc.; would need to purchase for event. Amanda will coordinate; has cut back on various supplies so as to not have a lot left over.

 Student Appreciation – May 14 & 15:
*Loralee to coordinate again; options from Sam’s Club include:
Sun Chips, 30ct, $10.98/pack
Kellogg’s Snack variety pack, 38ct, $9.88/pack
Goldfish variety pack, 45ct, $11.98/pack
Fruit Leathers variety pack, 48ct, $11.48/pack
Fruit Rollups, 72ct, $11.82/box
Motts Fruit Snacks, 90ct, $9.89/box
Amazon: Sun Chips, 40ct, $13.98/pack; Mini Oreos; can look at other options, too

 Plastic Bag Recycling:
*Last day for event was Fri., April 13. Total weight collected 1608 pounds
*Trex allows you to put in totals for Sept-April. Erin will put the bins up at the start of the next school year.

Fifth Grade Promotion – Thurs., May 31:
*Any volunteers that would like to help or coordinate? Erin was the only one who signed up on the committee sheet. Mrs. Presteen is teacher contact. Typically PAC would provide cake, water, decorations, plates, forks, etc. and set up in the cafeteria; we can’t set up until they are done with lunch (around 1:15pm).
*Connie suggested if Erin could go through 5th grade students listing for a couple parents that could help out; Sue Rudolph can help review/suggest, too.

 New Business/Teacher Requests:
*None at this time

 Upcoming items:
*Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day — Wednesday, April 25: Terri is getting the flowers and Connie is getting the money/cards for both Judys and Diane.
*Field Day – May 25: Thews has been told we will be providing. Loralee will purchase the FreezePops, and Amanda will store/freeze.

Next Meeting:  Monday, May 21, 2018 – 6:00 pm, Art Room

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, April 16, 2018 6:00 pm Art Room

  • Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Paper Recycling –Any updates? Dates for final one this year?
  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Artist in Residence
  • Family Fun Night –April 26th Badger Sports
  • Staff Appreciation Week May 7-11
  • Student Appreciation
  • Plastic Bag Recycling
  • Fifth Grade Promotion – May 31st
  • New Business/Teacher Requests
  • Upcoming items:
    Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day- Wednesday, April 25th
    Field Day, May 25th

Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.