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PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, November 18, 2019

Principal’s Report

  • Welcome back Katie! Shannon Diedrick did a great job!
  • Staff do not see a need for a room parent, i.e., holiday events coordination, volunteer help, etc; all seems to go well at the current time.
  • P-T Conferences: thanks from staff for the meals; On 2nd night parents of K and 4K given note supporting PAC
  • Raised over $1,000 (staff wearing jeans) and Penny Wars for the family who recently lost their home to a fire
  • Enforcing a 7:35 am drop-off of students due to kids being dropped off as early as 7:10am
  • Exceeding expectations in the district per the school “report card” that recently came out
  • Halloween concert went well; middle and high school students came to perform

Treasurer’s Report

  • Beginning checkbook balance (11/18/19): $13,402.02
  • Most of the checkbook balance is allocated to date
  • Erin has not heard from Mr. Menting or Mr. Maronek re: flexible seating for their classrooms
  • Teacher reimbursements still open; will close January 31, 2020
  • Wish List: Erin sent a reminder note to staff. Will be sending to families next week

Badger Sports Night – Thurs., Nov. 7th:

  • 103 people attended; profited $533 (no outdoor attractions were open)

Spirit Wear Fundraiser 

  • Final tabulation: $6,700 estimated profit; 250 orders, over 1,000 products ordered
  • Terri noted there may be an ability to order more items per a number of requests; she needs to review
  • Socks are on their way; hats to come in another week; water bottles still to come. Some clothing items still coming
  • Looking to move up to earlier in the school year, i.e., September due to many requests for orders from parents; may also have product available for cash sales at Open House
  • Thank you to the volunteers who helped out!

Artist in Residence 

  • Allocated $5,500 for artist (Steven); he will be here March 16-27; he no longer lives in Wisconsin, so he asked if PAC would cover his hotel stay Monday-Thursday each week; Amanda Hedtke offered her hotel rate at $39/night (tax exempt; $156/week); it was approved to cover the hotel stay
  • Sue Rudolph noted volunteers will be needed; a sheet will be posted for volunteers to sign up; Rebekah Byers volunteered to coordinate volunteer sign up
  • More newspaper needed for event

Conference Meals 

  • Amanda Hedtke noted first night was soup, crackers & veggies. Second night was hot sandwiches (some people signed up, but things didn’t show up or eaten during the day); a little bit of a scramble to cover to have enough food
  • Hoping teachers will encourage parent participation in PAC to help with such events

Cookie Dough Fundraiser 

  • Sale ended Nov. 15th; delivery is Thurs., Dec. 12
  • To date, we’ve brought in around ($19,000 in orders; $5,000 online orders), with a profit of almost $9,000
  • One order had approximately $1,300 in sales!!!!
  • No tallied yet, but teachers incentive of at least 50% was encouraged
  • Pizza parties still to be determined
  • Need volunteers to help sort and with pick-ups on Thurs., Dec. 12

School Dance—Fri., Feb. 7th

  • Tammy Kurey will coordinate this year
  • Loralee Olson-Arcand to coordinate snacks and water
  • Sticking with the glow theme; “Let It Glow” (playing on “Frozen 2”)
  • Tammy is reviewing sites and will be ordering supplies for the event
  • Tammy will be sending out a flyer Jan. 24 and Feb. 3rd
  • Room(s) reserved 4-8pm
  • DJ rate is still $175
  • Confirming high school students to volunteer that event
  • Plan to sell any overstock Spirit Wear at the event

Brain Bowl – February

  • Kimberly Groenjes to coordinate; students through 2nd grade participate
  • Kimberly looked through the questions and made updates; to email to Judy K. to teachers review updated question listing for review
  • Pledge sheet has volunteer info at the bottom; Erin suggested moving it to the top to make parents aware; sheets and questions to be sent out early January to students
  • Pencils handed out for participation when pledges are brought in; it was suggested to look at other incentive items to hand out instead of pencils
  • Pizza party(s) for top-earning class(es)

Plastic Recycling (ongoing): 

  • 450# to date (11/18/19)
  • A grandmother contacted Erin and volunteered to weigh and turn in to location(s) as she saves a lot of plastic
  • Ends in April (Earth Day)

Teacher/Staff Requests:

  • Erin received from an inquiry from Amy Stirk (OT for FES); OT and PT are contracted employees, but asked if they could be included in the teacher gift disbursements in order to purchase needed items for their room use (for students); it would be understood that anything purchased via PAC would need to be left at the school if/when they depart FES; it was approved to include them as part of the $100 teacher gift/reimbursement (same guidelines as teachers)

New Business:

  • No new business

Amanda Hedtke won the $10 target gift card raffle

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, January 20, 2020, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room

There is no December meeting. See you in January!

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, November 18, 2019

***Raffle— there will be a $10 Target gift card given away to someone in attendance***

*Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
*Treasurer Report
*Badger Sports Night-report
*Spirit Wear Fundraiser
*Artist in Residence
*Conference Meals
*Cookie Dough Fundraiser
*School Dance—Feb. 8th
*Brain Bowl
*Plastic Recycling –ongoing
*Teacher/Staff Requests
*New Business

Reminder:  We do NOT meet in December

Our next meeting will be Monday January 20th 2020 at 6:00pm.  Babysitting will be provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at

PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, October 21, 2019

Principal’s Report

  • Minimal postings right now on the District Facebook page from FES; plan to increase
  • Gus (therapy dog) starts on Thursday; once a week to start; children will need to learn rules
  • P/T conferences went well; enjoyed the food, too!!
  • Field Trips begin; multiple grades going to multiple places
  • Struggling with weather (lots of rain) and having to have recess inside
  • Katie Schmeltzer returns from maternity leave in November; Shannon Diedrick has done a great job filling in
  • School pictures done at Open House went well; would like to do it then again next year
  • Penny Wars: approx. $800 submitted
  • Pride Pump: $200 received; purchased a Chromebook each for Mr. Maronek’s class and Mrs. Arndt’s class

Treasurer’s Report

  • Beginning checkbook balance (10/21/19): $8,758.67
  • 3rd and 4th grades still have some money left to spend for flexible seating; Erin Lenhardt will contact teachers with money left to see if they want to spend. Tentative 5th grade to follow
  • $17,150 total sales for Spirit Wear, this does not include money we will owe for the items; proceeds from event still to be determined

Spirit Wear 

  • All orders are in; need to tabulate them and submit to vendor (hoping to submit this week) We will not have a timeframe on delivery until order is submitted
  • Orders also came from St. Nicholas School and the Middle School

Artist in Residence 

  • Sue Rudolph would like to bring back Steve Wertz (paper mâché artist); 1st-5th grades (Sue does a smaller paper mâché project with Kindergarteners); he’d be here 8 am-3 pm
  • Options: Fish: approx. $5,300; Dog or Cat: approx. $8,400; Buffalo: $15/student
    Sue noted approx. 530 1st-5th grade students
  • FES supplies the newspaper; (artist) makes all the structures
  • Would need to send out note for parents to save newspapers to submit for project
  • Would need volunteers to help at school for project; Sue to let PAC know how many needed
  • Looking to schedule for March or April
  • Sue to inquire if unit cost covers mileage and/or hotel room
  • Voted to have Steve come in and do the fish project (noted $5,500 to cover expenses and a small gift to Steve at the end of the project)

Cookie Dough Fundraiser 

  • Terri Romitti noted packets are coming in this week (week of Oct. 21st)
  • Terri and Erin met with Hansen’s rep re: incentives to try and help boost sales; rep is willing to come in Oct. 31st morning for a kick-off announcement (15 minutes or less)
  • Requested teachers to promote within classroom; 50% participation ($25 gift Card); for every 10 items sold students get a chance to win an overnight stay at Blue Harbor; 14-15 items sold, students can get a chance to win entry to Vertical Velocity (trampoline place) in Kimberly
  • Sales to begin Nov. 1st; sale ends Nov. 15th; Delivery is Thurs., Dec. 12; Terri will need help with entering orders and distribution


Fall Student Appreciation:

  • & Wed., Oct. 15 & 16
  • Loralee Olson-Arcand coordinated; Cheez-It Crackers were the treat

 Staff Meeting—Oct. 21:

  • Erin and Loralee attended to share with the staff what PAC does; served ice cream sundaes

 Parent/Teacher Conferences—Potluck & Book Fair:

  • Amanda Hedtke noted it went well; soup was well received; provided soda as well
  • Items left over for Tuesday, Oct. 22nd, conferences; hot meat sandwiches to be served
  • Re: volunteering, discussed if people would prefer to submit money versus bringing in food; could do donations (places TBD to be set up for donations); suggested doing a survey to see if parents prefer to help volunteer or donate money instead
  • Also discussed how to encourage more parents to attend PAC meetings, preferably focusing on the 4k and Kindergarten students; Erin Lenhardt will type up a half-sheet to be given out at 4K / K Tuesday, Oct. 22nd conferences encouraging parents to attend a PAC meeting; we will have a raffle for a prize at the Nov. meeting

 Student Directory:

  • Directories handed out; 468 entries; 672 responses (some were “nos” or duplicates); part of registration

 Plastic Recycling–ongoing:

  • 250# to date (10/21)
  • Erin received a note from a staff member at the high school requested if they could have bins up there for plastics, but Erin noted this may be the last year due to rules with program it is difficult to win benches, we have won planters that are not used. The reward to FES is minimal considering the amount of work.
  • Caroline is going to check with the Black Creek Library to see how they won their recycled bench

 Badger Sports Night—Thurs., Nov. 7th:

  • 4-9 pm; reminder flyers to go out with students

School Dance—Fri., Feb. 7th:

  • Tammy Kurey will coordinate this year; Loralee Olson-Arcand to coordinate snacks and water

Brain Bowl:

  • Kimberly Groenjes to coordinate; students through 2nd grade participate
  • Need to look at updating some of the questions and answers

New Business/Teachers Requests

  • Retirees: Mrs. Lipsey noted two staff members have retired already- Mary Van Roy and Elaine Diedrick; Erin mentioned picking up cards and a $50 check from PAC or a $50 gift card for each instead of waiting until the end of the year
  • Freedom Pursuit newspaper: Thank You ad for outdoor classroom was in recent issue

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, November 18, 2019, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room

PAC Meeting Agenda for October 21st at 6:00 pm Art Room 022

*Principal’s Report

*Treasurer’s Report

*Spirit Wear Sale

*Artist in Residence

*Cookie Dough Fundraiser


*Student Appreciation

*Staff Meeting

*Parent/Teacher conferences- Potluck and Book Fair

*Student Directory

*Plastic Recycling- ongoing

Future Items:                    

*Badger Sports Nov. 7th

*Teacher Wish List

*School Dance – Feb. 7th

*Brain Bowl- early Feb.

*New Business/Requests that have come in to approve

Next Meeting: Monday November 18th at 6:00 pm Room 22

PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, September 16, 2019

Introductions/Committee Sign-ups

  • The committee sign-up sheet was sent around the room. Everyone introduced themselves, noting how many students they had in the school


  • Artist in Residence: Rudolph is contacting the person who did the fish paper maché project about 6 years ago to see if he would be available this year
  • Badger Sports Park: Erin Lenhardt stated the only date which correlated best with this year’s school schedule is Thurs.Nov. 7, 2019 as we off Fri. Nov. 8 so she set it up; The group discussed Funset Boulevard nights. The companies only allow these nights on Sun-Thurs, so previously Erin tried to find dates in which we had early release or were off the next day. It was noted that this is not a necessity and not limit when these nights can be set up.
  • Sock Hop: Erin Lenhardt booked rooms/DJ for Feb. 7, 2020.
  • Flower Fundraising: To discuss at a later date (to see if needed for funds)

Principal’s Report

  • We are off to a good start; 707 students to date
  • Great turnout for playground volunteers. Using volunteers saved us a lot of money
  • New playground rules are posted on the side of building with others to come; There are new murals inside and outside; There are new words on lobby wall (5th grade students to sign a letter each year)
  • Local Freedom family had a house fire recently; A fund-raiser to be coordinated
  • 1st grade parents will receive letter (and in newsletter) that Ms. Diedrick will be Vice Principal until Katie Schmeltzer returns from maternity leave; a substitute teacher to take Ms. Diedrick’s place until then
  • Possible author for additional “artist in residence” type program; A local author could come in and do special reading/writing session(s) for K-2, 4-5 grades; $500. More information to come.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Terri Romitti presented new form for showing report. She explained how it was broken down and where she got the information from
  • Beginning checkbook balance (09/16/19): $14,220.79
  • Projected income/expenses show that we have approx. $9,600 in spendable amount
  • No more paper recycling program; may need to do another fund-raiser in its place

Teacher Reimbursement Gifts/October Staff Meeting

  • Guidelines went out to teachers; Some teachers have submitted their reimbursements
  • PAC can do ice cream sundaes again this year; need volunteers around approx.. 3:15pm
  • Flexible Seating: Jakl purchased some stools and rocking chairs for her classroom; Erin sent a letter to 3rd and 4th grade teachers re: still have funds to spend for seating

Spirit Wear/Open House 

  • Terri Romitti shared a color flyer of various pieces that will be offered; a size chart is provided on the back; flyer to be sent home with students very soon; order due date TBD
  • Terri noted she could use help with order entry; multiple people to help would be ideal

Fall Student Appreciation

  • & Wed., Oct. 15 & 16
  • Loralee Olson-Arcand to coordinate (2018, 2016: Fruit Snacks; 2017: Cheez-It Cracker)

Cookie Dough Fundraiser 

  • Terri Romitti to coordinate again this year; She is working with rep re: other prize incentives to try and help boost sales (in addition to smaller prizes)
  • Sales to begin Nov. 1st and end Nov. 15th
  • Delivery is Thurs., Dec. 12; Terri will need help with entering orders and distribution
  • Pizza Party for top class sales
  • We hope to have teachers promote in their classrooms

Upcoming Items:

  • Student Directory: Erin Lenhardt has in the works; Elizabeth Rodewald will be helping compile it
  • Book Fair Help: The library would like help setting up the book fair on Oct. 14th & 15th (time TBD); Mrs. Lipsey suggested having a sign-up for help; Caroline Pelkin and Amanda Hedtke volunteered to help
  • Parent/Teacher Conference meals: Conferences are Oct 17 and 22- Amanda Hedtke to coordinate again. She is considering doing soup or chili and will set up a sign up sheet for volunteers. We discussed gift card and/or monetary donations vs parents bringing in food. It was suggested that we could use fund-raiser money to purchase meal items if needed.
  • Playground Toys: Erin Lenhardt has not been able to go through the sheds; She asked if they could be gone through in a morning before recesses. Caroline Pelkin offered to help. Mrs. Lipsey noted someone had donated toys.

In-Progress Items 

  • Plastic Recycling: in progress; bins are by elevator right upon entrance into lobby;
    ends April 17 (3 pm)

New Business/Teachers Requests

  • Assignment Books: It was asked if there could be a better process for sales; also classroom homework, i.e., some teachers don’t use the books as much for assignments as a lot is completed in class
  • Terri talked to Ms. Rudolph about possibly having a couple art sessions where parents can come in and participate. This would be to drive art in the community and to get families to socialize more, i.e., painting, etc. Any event would need to be after 6pm (daycare has until then). Would need to determine costs, supplies, etc.

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, October 21, 2019, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, September 16th 2019 ~ 6:00 pm ~ Art Room

Introductions / Committee Sign Ups

Year at a Glance

Principal’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Teacher reimbursement gifts / October Staff Meeting

Spirit Wear / Open House

Fall Student Appreciation

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Upcoming items:
Student Directory
Book Fair Help
Parent/Teacher Conference meals
Playground toys

In progress items:

New Business/Teacher Requests

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, October 21st, 2019, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room.

Year in Review 2018-19

As the year winds to end, we reflect on the things we were able to do as PAC. We are thankful for all the parents, staff and students who helped support so many wonderful things throughout the year. We look forward to making next year amazing at FES.

We would also like to say “good-bye” to a few PAC members who have made a significant impact to FES throughout the years. Their children are moving to middle school and we will miss them.

Cindy Taft has been on several committees, helped with numerous events, given input and always assisted as needed. Most notably she has run the school dance/sock hop at FES for several years. She set up the event to be free so that all families had a chance to enjoy.

Connie Wheeler has held an office in PAC as either the President or Treasurer for many years. She has been a member for 13 years, attending 117 meetings. She facilitated PAC becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Brain Bowl has run successfully thanks to her. She has helped the school raise money by coordinating the paper drives. She has also been on countless committees as well as always volunteered her time and input when needed. She has been an anchor for PAC for many years.


Open House– August

School Dance– February

5th Grade Promotion– May

Student Appreciation (Fall/Spring)—Oct. / May

Staff Appreciation Meals (Fall/Spring conferences, 3 days during staff appreciation week)

*Family Fun Night—Oct (Funset) May (Badger Sports)


Paper Recycling—4 x throughout year

Spirit Wear- Oct.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser—Oct/Nov.

Brain Bowl– February

* Family Fun Night—Oct (Funset) April (Badger Sports)


Teacher Wish List

Student Directory

Plastic Recycling—Nov through April

Lost and Found


Outdoor Classroom- completed building and ordered benches

$100 ($200 new/changed grades) funds for each homeroom, related arts, special education teacher

End of Year recognitions


Professional Administration Day

Funds to PBS

Guided Reading Book Room

YMCA program for K

Field Day- popsicles

Alice Buckets

Flexible Seating for 3rd and 4th grade (next year)


PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, May 20, 2019

Principal’s Report

  • ALICE GO Buckets (5-gallon) filled with various emergency supplies (PAC was given a list of supplies): The District would like one bucket for each classroom and are looking for donations to get the items. PAC voted to donate $1000 towards ALICE Go Buckets for the elementary school.
  • The District will be purchasing a new primary playground. They will also be setting up a 4K playground that will be fenced in using some of the equipment previously in the front of the school and some new equipment. The District would like to set up a community build this summer (mid-July through early August) and invite families to help; District is paying for the equipment.
  • Carnival for a Cause: no final numbers yet for funds raised
  • Field Day: May 31st
  • Volunteer for Feeding America in Oshkosh: Elementary staff to participate
  • Peer Educators came to an assembly in April. The children loved it.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Beginning checkbook balance (05/20/19): $14,855.03
  • Dollars set aside for remainder of 2018-19 school year: $5,100.00
    (includes $3,500 to carry over to next school year)

$1,000 (playground equip; holding off until spring to purchase anything more in case funds are needed elsewhere); $200 set aside for 5th Grade celebration (have 4 cases water left over from Sock Hop; will likely not need that much); $400 set aside for Recognitions at end of the year; PBS Awards

  • $125 spent for Spring Student Appreciation (had 5 boxes of snacks left over from Sock Hop that were used) & popsicles for Field Day
  • $200 spent for Secretary Appreciation Day
  • Deposit made from Lions Club toward the table/benches for the Outdoor Classroom ($1,292.60);
    Erin will coordinate a Thank You card to the Lions Club
  • Spendable amount: $9,755.03
  • Discussed setting up a post office box for mail (tax items, bank statements, etc.); request at least
    2 keys

Student Directory 

  • Erin spoke with Keith R.; he noted they don’t work on registration yet, so to contact him in early July re: setting up for parents to enter info for the directory
  • Erin set up a safeguard for parent(s) to review information before submitting final

Outdoor Classroom

  • Tables/Benches: Ordered/Purchased; cost was $3,880.65; Erin to be in touch with John Seegers regarding delivery
  • Caroline Pelkin received quotes for plaques; look to do one large plaque with donors listed. It will be placed on one of the wooden posts
  • Caroline purchased (2) $12 each Freedom Lions Club smaller plaques to be installed onto the tables/benches; 3 more to be purchased on behalf of the Student Council’s donation
  • We discussed having and Open House/Ribbon Cutting when complete; It was suggested doing at the same town as the new playground community build. Mrs. Schmeltzer will see if this can be done.

End-of-Year Recognitions 

  • Judy Vosters retiring: $50 cash
  • Custodians (4): $25 each
  • Cooks (4-5): $10 each
  • National Honor Society: $10 each; Connie takes up to the high school

5th Grade Promotion – June 5th

  • Amanda Hedtke to coordinate (plates, plasticware, napkins, water)
  • Approximate time: 1 pm

Teacher Reimbursements for 2019-2020 

  • $100 new classroom; $200 for changed classroom/new teacher
  • In order to have teachers submit by the end of January, it was suggested sending to the teachers before end of school year so they can purchase over the summer; must have a receipt(s). Voted on and approved.

How to Spend Funds 

  • Flexible Seating: Mrs. Lipsey inquired to the staff (3-5) to see if they would be interested in flexible seating. There is an interest. We voted on and approved $3,000 each for 3rd and 4th grades, planning to do 5th grade at a later date. Erin will contact the staff

Paper Recycling 

  • March update: received $355 check
  • Last drive: May 28-June 4
  • Feedback regarding the future: Company to re-evaluate in June; Connie will then contact the company to show FES has made money for them and to see if FES can continue the program

PAC Officer Positions

  • 2 positions to be up for re-election: President, Vice President
  • Erin Lenhardt to continue as President; Loralee Olson-Arcand to continue as Vice President
  • Treasurer: Connie Wheeler’s last year; Terri Romitti to fill the position; Connie with work with Terri over the summer to transition

Plastic Recycling

  • Program ended April 14th
  • FES came in 2nd place; not sure yet what the prize will be
  • Tammy Kurey will assist again next year as Associated Bank raises a lot of it

Administrative Professionals Day – Wed., April 24 

  • $50, card and flowers each; Terri Romitti to handled again this year, with assistance from Connie Wheeler

Family Fun Night – May 2nd 

  • Badger Sports Park: $238 profit ($431 profit 2018); lower attendance than last year. Can’t be held on weekend night. We look to pick an evening with ½ day on Friday and when outdoor activities are open

Staff Appreciation Week – May 6th, 8th, 10th

  • Amanda Hedtke coordinated for Mon., Wed., Fri.
  • Went very well! Lots of Thank You notes
  • Amanda figured out soda usage and preferences!
  • It was suggested in addition to the food, perhaps a small plant or flower one day
  • Another suggestion was noting which day would be a meal so staff doesn’t bring in

Student Appreciation – May 13th & 14th  

  • Loralee had snacks left over from Sock Hop and picked up more; well received again by all the students

Field Day – May 31st

  • Loralee bought 4 boxes (200 each) popsicles; she and Amanda Hedtke will freeze them and bring them in to school early the week of Field Day
  • Younger kids participate in the morning; older kids participate in the afternoon

Google Drive

  • Erin set up and has started putting files in it; will share with other PAC members

Looking ahead to 2019-2020 School Year:

  • Committee Sign-up Sheet: Erin Lenhardt will begin signing up people (Amanda, Loralee) to the same committees they have been signed up for previously. Kim to help with Brain Bowl
  • Fall Open House/Spirit Fund-raiser: Terri Romitti hoping to have ready for Fall Open House
  • Staff Appreciation: suggested doing something different than food for one day
  • Meeting Dates for school year: agreed to keep 3rd Monday each month

New Business/Teachers Requests

  • Nothing new came through

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date (2019-20 school year):  Monday, September 16, 2019, 6:00 pm, Room 22,  Art Room

PAC Meeting Agenda Monday May 20th 6:00 PM Art Room

**Babysitting will be provided by the National Honor Society in the gym**

Principal’s Report
*ALICE Buckets

Treasurer’s Report
*Transition plan

Student Directory

Outdoor Classroom
*Donor Plaque quote

End of year recognition’s

Fifth Grade Promotion—June 5th

Teacher reimbursements for next year

How to Spend Funds
*Flexible Seating

Officer positions (President and Vice President)

Paper Recycling
*March / future

Plastic bag recycling– Ended April 12th

Badger Sports Fun Night– May 2nd

Staff Appreciation– May 6th -10th

Student Appreciation– May 13th/14th

Field Day—May 31st (popsicles)

Google Drive

Looking ahead to next year:
Fall Open House / Spirit Fundraiser

Meeting dates for 2019-20

Committee Sign Up Sheet

Year at a glance /Suggestions for next year

New Business


PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday May 20th 2019~ 6:00 p.m. ~ Art Room

Principal’s Report
*ALICE Buckets

Treasurer’s Report
*Transition plan

Student Directory

Outdoor Classroom
*Donor Plaque quote

End of year recognition’s

Fifth Grade Promotion—June 5th

Teacher reimbursements for next year

How to Spend Funds
*Flexible Seating

Officer positions (President and Vice President)

Paper Recycling
*March / future

Plastic bag recycling– Ended April 13th

Badger Sports Fun Night– April 26th

Staff Appreciation– May 7th -11th

Student Appreciation– May 13th/14th

Field Day—May 31st (popsicles)

Google Drive

Looking ahead to next year:
Fall Open House / Spirit Fundraiser

Meeting dates for 2019-20

Committee Sign Up Sheet

Year at a glance /Suggestions for next year

New Business