Reminder: The last PAC meeting of the year will be May 22nd at 6:00 pm in the art room. It was moved from the original date of May 15th due to the MS/HS Choir concert




PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, April 24, 2017 6:00 pm Art Room

In attendance: Loralee Olson-Arcand, Connie Wheeler, Terri Romitti, Kimberly Groenjes, Stacey Kumbalek, Keith Kumbalek, Sue Rudolph, Mrs. Lipsey, Stephanie Wieczorek, Erin Lenhardt

May Meeting date has been changed to May 22nd.

Any News from Mrs. Lipsey?  The Freedombots in Kentucky for the robotics world competition.  The Climate Committee held a volunteer appreciation day on April 12th.  There were treats and flowers for them.  The 5th grade participated in the Shuttle Mission which included stem activities.  We had the Cellcom Virtual Reality which provided virtual field trips to destinations such as space and Africa.  The 1st and 2nd grade Spring concert is May 1st  We are working on 5th grade transitions

Treasurer’s Report:  The report was unavailable.  Connie Wheeler will be providing a spreadsheet to attendees at our May meeting which will show the money deposited and where the money has been spent throughout the year.  We will be able to use the information to determine what we want to put funds towards.

Paper Recycling:  We made a profit of $497 from the March 20- April 3 paper drive.   The final one for the year will be May 22- June 9.  Connie Wheeler has set up dates for next year.

Discussion on how to spend funds:  We decided to continue supporting flexible seating and will allow a budget of $3000 for the 1st grade team.  We will be purchasing Ipads for the K teachers.  We have not been given feedback on items to purchase for the $1000 we allotted for playground items.  We will be asking student council for their input.  There was an additional shipping cost and dolls needed for the dollhouse we agreed to purchase for Mrs. DeGroot. The new total was $214.82.  We approved the new total.  We typically give gift cards to the National Honor students that babysit during the meetings.  Erin Lenhardt suggested we extend the gift cards to the students that helped at the school dance.  We voted to include them.  We voted to put $500 towards PBS in the 2017/18 school year

 Fifth Grade Promotion – May 31st :  Michelle Wagner and Sue Mannebach will be working on this event.  Michelle will talk with Mrs. Presteen.  We discussed how it was awkward having cupcakes for the students and sheet cakes for the parents, it would be easier to have the same for both. Erin Lenhardt will pass this information on to Michelle.

Student Appreciation – May 19th:  We will be providing popsicles at the end of the JDRF walk.  Loralee Olson-Arcand will purchase the popsicles for this event.  We discussed having coolers by the 3 playgrounds so that it is easier to hand out to students as they are on the playgrounds after the walk.

Field Day May 25th:  Mrs. Thews asked if we would provide popsicles for field day.  We agreed that we will.  Loralee will purchase for this event as well.

Staff Appreciation Week: Erin Lenhardt set up a potluck on Volunteer Spot.  We will be having a dipping day on Monday, muffin morning on Thursday and desserts on Friday.

Spring Fundraiser- Update pick up/ pizza parties:  Terri Romitti reported that the pickup went really well.  There were a few items that were left over that were sent home with kids as they didn’t require refrigeration and were small.  Mrs. DeGroot’s M/W and Mr. Menting’s classes won the pizza parties for the greatest sales.

Family Fun Night- March 23rd:  Erin Lenhardt reported the Fun night went really well.  There were a lot of positive comments.  We will discuss if we would to hold more next year.

Plastic Bag Recycling:  We collected 2,800 lbs of plastic.  Unfortunately we were in 2nd place.  This year they did determine the winner by plastic/student ratio as they had in years past.  Freedom won the ratio, but had 197 lbs less than the top school.  The 3rd place school collected 447.  We will be receiving a picture frame made of plastic.  It was discussed that we may not participate in this program next year.  *After the meeting-Sandy Lezotte contacted the company to see if we could still get a bench due to our effort, we will not be receiving one.

New Business/Teacher Requests:  Connie Wheeler will be contacting the auditor and asking them to complete the needed paperwork for PAC to receive the 501c status.

Upcoming items:                                             Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day- Wednesday, April 26 – Sue Mannebach will be bringing flowers and cards with money to Judy Vosters, Judy Krzyzak, and Diane Froehlich.         Native American Program – May 12th – Erin Lenhardt is working with Ted Skenandore, who will be presenting a Native American program.

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, April 24, 2017 6:00 pm Art Room


  • May meeting- 15th is MS/HS Choir, should it be changed? Possibly 22nd
  • Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Paper Recycling – March 20 – April 3rd   Any updates? Dates for final one this year?
  • Discussion on how to spend funds
  • Fifth Grade Promotion – May 31st
  • Student Appreciation – May 19th
  • Field Day May 25th – Will be provide popsicles?
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • Spring Fundraiser- Update pick up/ pizza parties
  • Family Fun Night- March 23rd– How did it go?
  • Plastic Bag Recycling
  • New PAC Officers for next year?  Any volunteers???
  • New Business/Teacher Requests
  • Upcoming items
    • Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day- Wednesday, April 26
    • Native American Program – May 12th

Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at or 851-3266.

The next PAC Meeting will be Monday, April 24th at 6:00 pm in the art room.

Meetings are typically held the 3rd Monday of each month, but it was moved to next week due to Spring Break.  Hope to see you there!

PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, March 20, 2017 6:00 pm Art Room

In attendance:  Erin Lenhardt, Sue Mannebach, Kimberly Groenjes, Connie Wheeler, Loralee Olson Arcand, Mrs. Lipsey

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?  Dr. Suess week was a success.  Officer John from Outagamie County came to do a presentation with the 3rd grade.  He brought a bomb dog.  We participated in the Snow Drop collection of personal items for families that have children in the cancer unit at Children’s Hospital.  We collected 31 boxes full of items.  Mrs. Black was the winner of the most stickers and dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day.  The high school band played in the lobby for St. Patrick’s Day.  The 3-5 grade concert was amazing and had a great attendance.  The Mother/Son dance went very well.  There were 2 photographers.  Mothers could purchase pictures that night.  State Testing will begin the last Tues in March and last until the end of April.

Treasurer’s Report  Paper Recycling: $6,330.49.  December drive amount was $631.00.  We have $25,638.30 in our checking account.  Set aside money from paper and cushion/already allocated funds $12,191.70  Our spendable money is $13,446.60

Connie is working with the auditor on the 501C.  There is a cost to file and a cost that will be paid to the auditor for help.  We will set aside $2000 and revisit.

Brain Bowl:  Brain Bowl: $6,843.10, minus $50 for pizza parties.  Pizza Parties were held on March 17th for Mrs. Culotta, Mrs. Thiel and Mr. Marquardt’s classes.  10 pizzas were purchased.  The total profit for the Brain Bowl was $6793.10.  There were 147 participants.

Spring Fundraiser:  $9,403.50 was brought in, profit should be $4,701.75.  We are still working on which classes will get pizza parties.  The cost will be subtracted from profit total.  Pick up will be April 6th from 3-5 pm in the multipurpose room.  The room has been reserved.  Reminders will be sent out.  We began discussion on spacing out and need for all fundraisers.  We noted there were other fundraisers and school items that cost parents money sent out this time of year.  We will discuss at a further meeting.

Family Fun Night:  We will be hosting a Family Fun Night at Funset Boulevard Thursday March 23rd.  At meeting time 185 wristbands were sold *10 more were sold after the meeting.  Profit was $780.  We also received a donation from a family member which brought the total profit to $800.

How to Spend the Funds:  Mrs. DeGroot requested a dollhouse for her 4K classroom for $175.  We approved the request.  We voted to purchase Ipads for the 2nd grade teachers.  After discussion, we decided even though there were chrome books available, it would be good for the teachers to have Ipads as well.

Mrs. Lipsey worked with the staff and provided a spreadsheet for ideas on how to spend funds:

*There was a request for $400 in replacement bulbs and wire for the electricity kits we purchased for the 4th grade team last year.  We approved request.

*There were several for playground items.  We voted to put $1000 towards this.  We also discussed how to get balls that are deflated pumped up and how to keep sheds organized.  Further discussion is needed.

*There were also several requests for flexible seating from different grade levels.  We decided to work from the lower grades up (as we had with Ipads from the higher grades down).  We will start with Kindergarten and put $3000 towards items.  This will include Hokki stools, bands, pillows, scoop rocker chairs.  We will also look at purchasing plastic bins for hats/mittens.

*There were suggestions for a canopy for the outdoor classroom, green house/gardening items, picnic tables.  We may see if we can get help from high school classes or parents to build if we purchase materials.  We will continue discussion and felt the paper money could be used towards these outdoor items.

*Other items on the list will be discussed at further meetings.  We did not want to overspend at this time.

Erin contacted Ted Skenandore regarding his Strong Medicine presentation and applied for a SEEDS Grant with Oneida Nation.  The program will be 2 assemblies lasting an hour each (K-2, 3-5).  They will have music, dance, and an introduction of Native American culture.  The cost of the program is $1,196.59.  We have been approved for $650 to be paid by the grant.  We will be responsible for $546.59.  We approved having the presentation.  We will host it on May 12th.

Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day: We voted at honor Mrs. Vosters, Mrs. Krzyzak and Mrs. Froehlich on Wednesday, April 26 for Administrative Professionals Day.  We will give the women flowers, cards and a gift of money.  Sue Mannebach volunteered to purchase these items and deliver them.

Plastic Bag Recycling:   Ongoing thru April 14th.  Our school is currently in 2nd place.  We have collected almost a ton of plastic!

Paper Recycling :  March 20 – April 3rd

New PAC Officers for next year:  PAC officer positions open up at the end of the year.  The terms of the positions are two years.  Connie Wheeler would like to remain treasurer.

New Business:  No New Business

 Next PAC meeting:  Monday, April 24, 2017 6:00pm in Art Room.  Date changed due to Spring Break

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, March 20, 2017 6:00 pm Art Room

  • Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Brain Bowl-Update on results/pizza parties
  • Spring Fundraiser
  • Family Fun Night- March 23rd
  • Discussion on how to spend PAC funds?
    • Teacher Ideas/Requests
    • Artist in Residence
  • Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day- April 26th
  • Plastic Bag Recycling – ungoing through April 14th
  • Paper Recycling – March 21- April 4th
  • New PAC Officers for next year??
  • New Business

**Next PAC meeting:  Monday, April 24, 2017 6:00pm in Art Room.  Date changed due to Spring Break

Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting. If you have questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at 



PAC Meeting Minutes for Monday, February 20, 2017 6:00 p.m. ~ Art Room

In attendance:  Sue Mannebach, Tammy Lipsey, Loralee Arcand, Connie Wheeler, Erin Lenhardt, Kimberly Groenjes, Susan Rudolph, Terri Romitti

Any news from Mrs. LipseyThe Father/Daughter dance was a success.  The Mother/Son dance will be held on March 17.

The 1st grade teachers are very thankful for the Ipads that PAC purchased.

Chrome books were given to Mrs. Northams and Jackyl’s classrooms.  The children are getting educated on how to use them properly. They are a great learning addition to the classroom.

Mrs. Lipsey asked PAC’s feeling was towards teachers coming to meetings.  We welcome and encourage teachers to attend.  We talked about giving some sort of incentive to the teachers who attend and give a short presentation about how they are using donated items from PAC.

Treasurer’s ReportBalance is $19,058.20.  Money set aside for flex seating is $1,000.  Paper recycling money set aside is $6,765.49.  Total money set aside is $7,642.71.  $11,415.49 is spendable money.    Connie is working on learning what is needed for the 501c status.  Terri was able to give her a contact that may help.

Paper Recycling Update from December–$631.00 earned.  The next drive will be March 20-April 3rd.  There is currently $6765.49 in the paper fund account.  One of the teacher suggested items was a lean to roof or wooden canopy for the outdoor classroom area.  Mrs. Lipsey suggested setting up a day for volunteers to come and build such outdoor items for the school.

Brain Bowl–We still do not have a profit number or know the winning classrooms yet.  The day of the Brain Bowl went really well.  The kids and parents enjoyed testing their knowledge.

Spring Fundraiser– Michelle Gloudemans is no longer able to do it, and is asking for a volunteer to run the popcorn fundraiser.  Terri Romitti and Kimberly Groenjes have offered to help.  We plan to use the money raised to pay for the Artist in Residence.  The fundraiser will run March 1-15th with deliver April 6th.

School Dance –Cindy Taft ran this event.  15 High School kids volunteered, which was greatly appreciated.  This freed up parents to enjoy the time with their kids.  Kids seemed to have a great time.  There were some concerns about glow sticks on the ceiling and kids going into the Speech area from the bathrooms.  Otherwise it was a great success.  There were great prizes that were appreciated by the kids.  $144 was donated for the Freedom Food Pantry.

Family Fun Night- Erin suggested we hold the night at Funset Blvd.  We are going to ask to reserve Thursday, March 23rd   4-8 pm since there is no school Friday, and the date needs to be a Sun-Thurs.  Funset will charge us $1 per wristband if we are purchasing as a fundraiser.  We will charge $5 and use proceeds earned for playground items.  The wristbands need to be purchased and delivered prior to the event.  We will send out information sheets soon and send out a note that the date of the Fun Night has been changed.

Artist in Residence–We received a book from Sandy Melroy, the silk artist from last year.  The book was very well done and will be kept in the library.  Erin is waiting to hear back from Ted Skennadore about the Native American performance. She has contacted another person about a Pow Wow.  We discussed having Randy Peterson for next year.  Mrs. Lipsey said September or October would be best before testing.  Erin will check to see if that is a possibility for Randy.

Staff Book Fair- We have decided to not have parents donate books in this year.  The teachers cannot use all of the books brought in due to required curriculum.  This leaves us with many books that are left behind.  We discussed finding other ways to get books for teachers, including giving leftover money at the end of the year for use of books. We will revisit later.

February Parent/Teacher Conference meal– A volunteer sign up was sent out and we are set.

Plastic Recycling– We have 983 lbs. collected to date.

New PAC officers for next year.  The positions are currently 2 year terms:  President, Vice President and Treasurer.  Erin will not be seeking another term as President. Sue will be leaving Vice President as her child will be moving to middle school.  Connie stated she would like to continue in the Treasurer position.  Anyone that would like to serve in any of the positions is encouraged to let us know.

Teacher Requests– $160.89 was used for flexible seating purchases.  Mrs. Fox requested some new playground equipment.  We will discuss after Family Fun Night.  Diane purchased some new mats for the Cricut machine.

New Business- No new business

Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at 851-3266 or

Next PAC meeting:  Monday, March 20, 2017 at 6:00 in Art Room.

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, February 20, 2017 6:00 p.m. ~ Art Room


  • Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Paper Recycling Update from December
  • Brain Bowl
  • Spring Fundraiser
  • School Dance – How did it go?
  • Family Fun Night
  • Artist in Residence- 2016 Book, any updates for current year
  • Staff Book Fair
  • February Parent/Teacher Conference meal- Feb 22
  • Plastic Recycling-Update
  • New PAC officers for next year.  The positions are currently 2 year terms:  President, Vice President and Treasurer.
  • Teacher Requests
  • New Business

Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at 851-3266 or

Next PAC meeting:  Monday, March 20, 2017 at 6:00 in Art Room.

PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, January 23rd 2017

In attendance:  Connie Wheeler, Erin Lenhardt, Kimberly Groenjes, Loralee Arcand, Cindy Taft, Mrs. Lipsey

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?  Kids will doing a Great Kindness Challenge.  They will receive information in Guidance to promote good acts.

There will be an assembly on Wednesday.  It is about “empowering our word choice”

We are doing the School Store again.  We have been fortunate that parents are donating gift cards, but the items available cost significantly more than if bought at a store.  The company is supposed to add more items.  We may discontinue the gift card portion next year.

Upcoming dates: Parent/teacher conference Feb. 22, Mother/Son Dance Mar. 17.

Treasurer’s Report:  We had a profit of $14,916 from the cookie dough fundraiser.  This includes money spent on the pizza parties.  After discussing upcoming expenses and bills, our spendable amount is about $8000.

We still have $500 outstanding for 4th grade RTI materials from last year.

We decided to purchase Ipads for the 1st grade teachers, as they showed a great interest in them.  We purchased Ipads for the 4th and 5th grade teachers last year.  The 3rd grade teachers received some from the district.  The 2nd grade teachers have been using chrome books.

We decided to spend up to $1000 for flexible seating in Kindergarten.  We will ask that the teachers buy one of each item they would like to try.  The concern was that we didn’t want to purchase a bunch of items that would go unused.  Mrs. Lipsey will see if there are any companies willing to give us demos to try.  We will re-evaluate purchasing more once we get feedback.

We decided to put $500 towards sponsoring the assembly that will be presented on Wed.

Paper Recycling:  Next dates will be Mar. 20-Apr. 3  We received about $500 so far, another check came today but we do not have the total.  This drive was more successful because we had a skid of paper products that was brought in.  December is typically a good drive due to Christmas.

We have $5200 in the account (not including this one).  We will need to discuss how to spend the funds.  We have always used the funds for environmental items.

Brain Bowl:  Connie set up this fundraiser.  The items didn’t go out as planned so we needed to push out the due date to this Friday.  An email was sent out requesting volunteers, but no one has signed up yet.  We have the shirts and pencils from last year ready for prizes.  Connie will be there for start-up, Erin will be running it during the day.  Participation is down. Connie will ask Judy to send out a reminder for participating and volunteering.

School Dance:  Cindy reported the email flyer has been sent out, prizes and glow necklaces bought, DJ booked.  She has set up a sign up for volunteer that will be sent to parents.   We have contacted the National Honor Society to see if any members would be willing to volunteer.  Connie will put the links for the Brain Bowl and School Dance volunteer sign up on Facebook.  We are still in need of several volunteers.  Lori will get fruit snacks and gold fish for snacks and water to serve.

February Parent/Teacher conference meal:  Erin will set up and send out a sign up for this.

Family Fun Night:  Erin suggested doing a movie night.  Cindy suggested doing a night at the YMCA, Erin will look into this.  Cindy will see if Field of Scenes would be willing to do an early opening.  We may change the date depending on what is decided.

Plastic Recycling:  We received 269 lbs. in Nov, 398 lbs. in Dec. for 667 total so far.  This is more than last year.  It is a great start!  We discussed how the program works on the honor system of weighing the bags and then dropping them off at participating stores.

Staff Book Fair:  We had a discussion regarding if we should continue.  Last year we donated books that were not wanted by the teachers to a different school.   Sue has been coordinating event.  We will get her feedback from last year.

Artist in Residence:  Erin passed out information on a couple of suggestions given by staff.  One was a singer and the other a Native American music/dance artist.  They both are able to provide day or week long sessions.  We discussed how difficult it may be for day sessions with such a large school.   The singer seemed to be a better fit for the week long session and provide a concert the final night.  We will look to this as a possibility for next year.  We explore a possibility of a day session later this year for the Native American artist.

Teacher Requests: There are none

New Business:  Connie reported that the school has yearly audits and this year, parent groups were reviewed.  She was told that we will need to apply for a 501-3C status.  We will  look into completing this.

Next meeting Monday February 20, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the art room

Meeting Postponed

Due to the predicted inclement weather, the PAC meeting for tonight is postponed until next Monday, January 23rd at 6:00 pm in the art room.