PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, March 19, 2018 6:00 P.M.

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
The Mother/Son Dance was held
We will be starting Forward testing 4/3 (Tues. & Thurs until May)
The student council held a food drive
PBS Award: Showing movies for K-2, 3-5 (2 separate gyms); kids can bring a small blanket or towel in to sit on

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance:  $31,294.74
Set aside: $16,700.05 (includes Paper Recycling) plus ($3,000 for flexible seating 2nd grade)
Ending Balance:  $11,595.69

  • $3,500 for teachers $100 gifts (that has come in to date; all due by March 31)
  • Connie received a check for recycling for $531; had already received from December, so is checking into where it should go (may go to another group)
  • Brain Bowl: $5,914,90; another small deposit to be made once rest of funds are received
  • 501c(3): 990 last form for accountant to do; We received bill for $600, Connie will talk to him as she believed we had already paid in full
  • New account(s) now set up at East Wisconsin Savings Bank

Brain Bowl—Update on results/pizza parties
Raised $5914.90
Connie will need to order t-shirts for next year; We have a lot of larges left, a few medium, but no smalls; majority of winners were smaller
$40 spent on pizza parties. Erin took pictures of two classroom pizza parties

Artist in Residence–April 9-13 & 23-27
$4,000 to Trista Holz (for deposit); $8,250 approved for project
Trista will come in Fri., May 4, for the Friday group due to half day/assembly on 4/27; We may have kindergarten students do a small project to keep in classroom(s)
Some volunteer sheets have come in from parents; We will need at least two parents in art room at a time; Extra attention will need to be given to any students with special needs due to materials the students will be using

Family Fun Night—April 26th Badger Sports, 4-9pm
Badger Sports provided a flyer to hand-out; We will post on FB page and include in school newsletter
PAC receives 50% of pass sales; 2-hr pass will be $10 plus tax, 3-hr pass will be $12 plus tax
No sign-up or wristbands ahead of time; Families will need to let Badger Sports know when checking in they are from Freedom Elementary. Batting Cages should be open by then

Staff Appreciation Week—May 7-11
May 8th: Teacher Appreciation Day
In past, PAC has done 3 sign-up days; Student Council does a day; Principal does a day
Amanda H. to coordinate; Monday, Tuesday, Friday for potlucks

Discussion on how to spend funds/update on allocated funds
Erin reached out to Mr. Quinlan; PBS has not yet spent the $500, but will soon. Going forward, we will consider depositing into respective account at beginning of school year and PBS can spend it at anytime throughout the year
Playground: It was decided not to use the sleds; Erin returned them; We may consider again for next school year. Rest of money: Erin to look through sheds and see what else might be needed; Connie picked up boxes of chalk at Shopko to be used at different playgrounds. Going forward, show classroom(s) how to use equipment to help avoid any misuse, damage, etc. May also look at having soccer-type goals made up (of PVC pipe; similar to ladder golf)
We voted and approved $500 for PBS and $1000 for playground for the 2018/19 school year.

Outdoor Classroom
: Ms. Diedrick has been coordinating this. Building Grounds meeting at 6:30pm to discuss with the Board. They will be reviewing the quote and requested spot for the classroom to assure it will not interfere with any future plans. The quote was approximately $19,250. We planned to use paper recycling funds for the project, may use general funds as well. If approved, we are looking to see how soon and how quickly it can be constructed. Erin and Ms. Diedrick looking into Lowe’s grant for fall.
Teacher Ideas/Requests: Nothing has yet been submitted
End-of-Year Recognitions: We discussed/approved honoring the Aides with $10 cash; We will work on assembing list and sending to Mrs. Lipsey to assure we honor all of them;  We discussed and approved honoring the custodians: $25/each cash. National Honor Society: We will honor the students that babysat during the meeting with a $10 Subway gift card. A suggestion was made to create a scholarship for the students to apply for with a larger dollar amount instead of individual gift cards. We can discuss at the May meeting.
Retirements: Jim Segers (retired at Christmas), Diane (retires at end of the year); We will give them $50/each cash
Connie will handle getting money, cards, gift cards for end of year recognitions/retirements. Erin will present at the end of year assembly.

Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day—Wednesday, April 25
Every year, PAC honors Judy, Judy & Diane; We will give them a flower bouquet and a card each; We approved $20-$25/bouquet, Terri to order bouquets; Connie to get cash and cards with $50/each

Plastic Bag Recycling
1,188# to date; We are in 1st place for our division
Ends mid-April (Friday before Earth Day)
Erin to see if we can collect/account outside of alloted time, as there are months online for entering weight

Paper Recycling
March 19-April 2
Connie to submit the dates for 2018-19 school year; 2018-19 will be Connie’s last year, so she will provide contact info to group

Student Appreciation (May)
: Student Council may or may not do a walk this year (TBD); They may do another activity. We should have more info and can decide at April PAC meeting if we can do popsicles for their activity or if we should just provide a treat a different day. Loralee to check out Sam’s for ideas and costs for April meeting.
Field Day–May 25th: We will provide popsicles, Loralee will purchase; Amanda has an extra freezer to store.
Fifth Grade Promotion—Thurs., May 31st, 1:15pm: PAC provides cake (from cafeteria), water and plates, decorations.
Spirit Wear: Terri contacted Denise (vendor) to help again; She will work on getting new designs approved for next year. She may look at other items we could offer. We will have order forms and samples to check out at 2018-19 School Year Open House; We will also send order forms home after school begins

New Business
Erin will not be at April meeting
Erin talked to Keith re: putting student directory in as part of student registration; it will be included. There is an option for parents to complete or disregard

Next PAC meeting:  Monday, April 16, 2018 6:00pm in Art Room

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, March 19, 2018 6:00 pm Art Room

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

Treasurer’s Report

Brain Bowl- Update on results/pizza parties

Artist in Residence-April 9-13 and 23-27

Family Fun Night -April 26th Badger Sports

Staff Appreciation week

Discussion on how to spend funds?

    • Update on allocated funds
    • Outdoor Classroom
    • Teacher Ideas/Requests
    • End of year recognitions
    • Retirements
    • Annual contributions

Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day  Wednesday, April 25

Plastic Bag Recycling

Paper Recycling


  • Student Appreciation
  • Field Day- May 25th
  • Fifth Grade Promotion May 31st
  • Spirit Wear

New Business

Next PAC meeting:  Monday, April 16, 2018 6:00pm in Art Room

Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at

PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, February 26, 2018 – 6:00 pm

  • News from Mrs. Lipsey
    *Mrs. Lipsey was not able to attend meeting tonight so Erin gave update
  • Last week, we had a PBS Olympic assembly; each grade was a different country and there were competitions. There are pictures of 1st, 2nd, 3rd places on medal podiams
  • March 9th: Mother/Son Dance
  • Information will be going out to parents re: upcoming intruder and fire drill event
  • Battle of the Book and Spelling Bee competitions- we have kids that will be participating at the State level.

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance:  $30,002.03
Set aside: $18,825.05 (includes paper recycling, allocated funds)
Ending Balance:  $11,176.98 (to spend) at meeting start – Brain Bowl not included in amount

  • $2,934.55 for teachers $100 gifts have been used.
  • Flexible seating for 1st Grade: To purchase (2) more scoop chairs (purchased in sets of 6); Erin noted holding out to see if (grade 2) needs any more so “extra” chairs can be used there, too. They will forego other allocated funds as they are set.
  • Playground equipment: $138 left for purchases; waiting for feedback on sleds
  • 501(c)3: $2,125 final cost (over by $125); final signed papers went out; waiting to hear if approved which could take up to 6 months to hear back ($1,260 for consultant fees); Connie to meet with the consultant for dates and fees to file, as well as other information.
  • Planning to switch accounts to new bank

Paper Recycling – December Update

  • Brought in $542
  • Next dates: March 19-April 2 & May 21-June 11

Brain Bowl Update

  • A little over $6,000 was pledged. We are still waiting on some money.
  • 164 participants; We had plenty of volunteers
  • Culotta: highest participation
  • Kurkiewicz: brought in most money
  • These 2 classes will each have pizza parties

Artist in Residence

  • Estimate from Trista Holz for fused glass project: $8,250 (budgeted $6,000).
  • Final estimate voted and approved: $8,500 for Trista Holz glass project and supplies/installation; would need one-half of $8,250 for deposit upfront
  • Week 1: Fused glass frit bead pendant:  $6/student (550 students – grades 1-5)
  • Week 2: Fused glass panel mural panels (to the left of the nurse’s room; bulletin board would need to be removed):  $9/student (550 students – grades 1-5)
  • Glass materials supplied to create the pendants; necklace cord and/or hanging wire would need to be supplied by the school; discussed other options as some kids wouldn’t want a “necklace”, i.e., magnet on back; possibly provide the two options (necklace or magnet piece)
  • Glass for mural would be supplied, but school would need to provide approved selected wall mounts; school facilities manager would complete/oversee the installation
  • NOTE: Estimate based on 550 students; actual number of students participating will be used for final invoice
  • Discussed providing lunch(es) to Trista and then a gift basket at the end of the project; decided to forego the lunches, but keep with the gift basket
  • Looking at week of April 9-13 for pendants; mural for week of April 23-27
  • Send out note for volunteers, as well as for students to choose necklace or magnetic piece

Ideas How to Spend Funds

  • Erin reported 2nd grade is interested in flexible seating; Voted and approved to spend $3,000. Erin will work with group to purchase items.
  • $5,676.98 in spendable funds (after Artist in Residence and 2nd Grade flexible seating allocated funds accounted for)

Outdoor Classroom:

  • Cost is still pretty high; size of 30×30 was quoted, whereas standard classroom size is 24×24; Ms. Diedrick suggested a kit; closest one would be Pennsylvania, cost $28,000 plus concrete
  • Amanda received quote for approx. $19,000 for 30×30, includes concrete from a contact in Chilton; She will ask for a revised quote for a 24×24 and see if it could be done in phases and during off-time to help with budgeting/cost
  • Shannon and Erin looking into a Lowes grant
  • Noted we could use funds and get the slab done this summer and then the structure in the fall or next spring. Project is ongoing.
  • Once we get updates may use spendable funds for this project

Feb. 2 School Dance Report

  • Dance went really well. Kids really seemed to enjoy themselves.
  • We had glow necklaces, bracelets & finger rings, snacks & water and tattoos instead of raffle prizes to allow for all kids to get something.
  • PLENTY of high school kid (National Honor Society) volunteers

February Parent/Teacher Conference Meal – Feb. 21

  • It went well; Amanda noted doing a survey may help to ask teachers what they would like in the future; we had a lot of food left over; she made notes for next year to reduce quantities, plan for more desserts

Plastic Recycling Update

  • We are currently in 1st place (way ahead of other schools); competing against 7 other schools in Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, & Missouri based on enrollment size
  • We have collected 1,068 pounds as of January 31st.

Teacher Requests

  • Nothing received

New Business

  • Erin noted a couple of teachers can’t find their receipt, however it was determined they need to have a receipt to submit for reimbursement
  • Paper Room: PAC needs to remove all items from this room by the end of year. Erin was going through things and came across an old scrapbook; inquired about what to do with it. Suggestions to scan all notes, pictures, thank you notes, etc. and save electronically. Connie will go through it for anything that might be useful. There are also prizes left over from past events. Suggestions to get rid of items: donate to PBS (talk to Mr. Quinlan), student council, classrooms for their prizes

Next PAC meeting:  Monday, March 19, 2018, at 6:00 pm in the Art Room

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, February 19, 2018 6:00 p.m. ~ Art Room

*Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

*Treasurer’s Report

*Paper Recycling Update from December

*Brain Bowl-Update

*Artist in Residence

*Ideas on how to spend funds

*School Dance-Report

*February Parent/Teacher Conference meal- Feb 21

*Plastic Recycling-Update

*Teacher Requests

*New Business

Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at

Next PAC meeting:  Monday, March 19, 2018 at 6:00 in Art Room.

PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, January 15, 2018 – 6:00 pm

News from Mrs. Lipsey
*Father/Daughter Dance coming up (Fri. Jan. 19)
*6 Breakout kits have been purchased using Box Top money. They are similar to the Escape Rooms. They will be featured on the district FB page. They can be checked out from the Library. The teacher could use multiple kits and have kids work as teams. Each kit has about 300 games. Teachers would put in codes/games. Some teachers already tried it out and enjoyed.
*We have a couple more robots for 2nd grade
*Some teachers recently attended professional/technology conference
*The DPI has generated School Report Cards. The district exceeded expectations. Information will be sent home to parents.
*Parent/Teacher conferences coming soon (February)

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance:  $32,569.12
Set aside:  $14,506.02
Spendable Balance:  $18,063.10
*Form 1023: Erin and Connie to sign and it can be sent in. There will be $850 filing fee to IRS. Connie will check with accountant helping her to see what other forms are needed. We will be receiving a fee from him when it is done. We have budgeted $2000.
*Erin asked if more iPads were needed for any grades/related arts. Mrs. Lipsey didn’t think any more were needed. Mrs. Lipsey will talk to the technology team to see if any other technology items are wanted. Erin to approach 2nd grade to see if they would be interested in flexible seating. 1st grade is finishing up their purchases.

Paper Recycling
*Haven’t received December recap yet. 5-6 dumpsters were collected in the 3-week period
*Looking to put funds from Paper Recycling toward School Outdoor Classroom (Nature Center pavilion)
*a sample photo was shown for what type of structure is in mind
*(2) quotes received are very high ($23,750 & $26,087.82; concrete not included in quotes)
*Due to cost we may make this a project with phases over a few years.
*There are more questions to ask and research to be done for cost efficiency
*Options: a) another company to quote; b) high school shop class to build it; c) a parent(s) who works at a place to get materials at cost; d) put on FB to advertise for quotes or ideas

Cookie Dough Fund-raiser Recap
*Profited about $10,000
*Mrs. Lipsey suggested taking pictures of pizza parties to put on Facebook to show winning classrooms
Pizza parties to 4 classrooms: Marquart: $1,721 in sales, Jakl: $1,330 in sales, 3rd & 4th place classrooms ($2 difference in sales): Rennes, Tues-Thurs: $1,314; Ms. Diedrick: $1,312

School Dance – Feb. 2
*It will be a “Glow Party” theme
*45 high school students have signed up to volunteer. We will have them arrive 5:30/5:45pm
*Same DJ (suggested having him announce for kids not to toss glow sticks up to the ceiling)
*Instead of raffle prizes we will spend money on more glow items, snacks and water which can include more kids.
*We may try to decorate this year
*Because we have so many volunteers we may try to do some activity(s) in multi-purpose room. Suggestions were face painting (a couple notations re: using colored pencils and water vs paints) tattoos, art projects (coloring).

Brain Bowl – Feb. 6
*Forms went home last week (1/8-9) At the bottom of form there is a section to volunteer to ask questions. Connie will set up online sign-up for more volunteers if needed
*We have t-shirts and pencils left over so no need to purchase anything except just pizza party(s) at the end of the event (based on participation and $$ brought in)

February Parent/Teacher Conference Meal – Feb. 21
*Amanda Hedtke will assist with this event and will help coordinate

Artist in Residence
*Sue contacted Trista Holtz from Fond du Lac — stained glass project
*Trista will come to look around school to see where a mural can be done
*A new entrance of the school will be constructed so looking to see if previous project can be “moved” to new entrance. We will need to keep in mind size due to process of the glass-making
*Individual project: glass pendants.
*1st – 5th grades were done in 2012, may not be able to include K due to limited class time
*Projected cost same as previous: $5,445; set aside $6,000 for event

Plastic Recycling
*836 pounds to date — over 100 pounds more than this time last year!!!
*Erin mentioned that we could do it all year. The competition time may be limited, but she noted you could insert weights during other months on the website. Will consider.

Teacher Requests
*After last meeting, 4K team requested Stem products-a set of magnitiles and Legos for their classrooms. Officers approved as they were half off (holiday discount). The cost was $315.99
*No other submitted requests, except for $100 reimbursements from teachers. They need to be turned in by March 31. Mrs. Lipsey and Erin will remind staff.

New Business
*Teachers have previously suggested getting sleds for playgrounds. Erin looked for roll-up sleds at all area Fleet Farms and online. She was unable to find a good price so 10 saucer sleds were purchased. There are concerns regarding safety and use of the sleds. Mrs. Schmeltzer will look into this to see if we want to offer them and if so the best way to do it.
*Cindy suggested using some leftover funds to “dress up” the front of the school, i.e., planters, seasonal decorations.

Next Meeting:  Monday, February 19, 2018 – 6:00 pm, Art Room

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, January 15, 2018 6:00 p.m. ~ Art Room

*Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
*Treasurer’s Report
*Paper Recycling
*Cookie Dough Fundraiser-recap
*School Dance – February 2nd
*Brain Bowl – February 6th/7th
*Parent/Teacher Conference Meal- Feb 21st
*Artist in Residence
*Plastic Recycling
*Teacher Requests
*New Business

Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at

Next PAC meeting:  Monday, February 19, 2018 at 6:00 in Art Room.

PAC Meeting Minutes for Monday, November 20, 2017

Any News From Mrs. Lipsey?
*Ms. Rudolph the is new Positive Dog (goes from staff to staff); received a “Paws”itive pin and traveling trophy; she will need to determine the next employee to receive the award.
*Art projects (5th grade) are displayed. They are big feet on board
*Girls on the Run had a great season again; Did pumpkin run and final run
*Robotics team qualified for state and  won teamwork awards
*In December: one assembly scheduled for 12/22 (November had a lot of them)
*Read in the lobby last Friday for American Education week; furniture store in Appleton (Freedom residents) donated use of chairs and rug. Mrs. Lipsey read the books in English and Mrs. Schmeltzer read the stories in Spanish.

Treasurer Report

  • Beginning balanch: $20,409.97
  • Ending balance: $23,627.69
  • Amount set aside: $14,575.22
  • Amount spendable: $9,052.47

*Paper Recycling: $658 (current balance $7,900.49 banked)
*Spirit Wear: deposited $17,712; wrote check for $10,640.75 to vendor, items still being ordered
*Funset Blvd: Event brought in $660
*Spent $31.98 for sundaes for staff meeting
*Some $100 teacher reimbursements have come in
*Connie has a notation of $414.51 left to spend for 1st grade flexible seating; Erin noted they are looking at scoop chairs and exercise balls. Fleet Farm has scoop chairs reasonably priced; Erin had been purchasing on sale at Shopko
*$138.12 left to spend for playground equipment; it was asked if we can purchase sleds this year, i.e., roll-up ones at Fleet Farm (to be left in playground shed). Erin purchased a pump for each of the sheds of which 1 has broken already. Instead of replacing, it may be better to have the janitors pump up the balls. Connie has a bunch of chalk she bought at Shopko on clearance and will hold onto until Spring.
*Connie is still working on the 501(c)(3) with the auditor; We need to fill out the long form if we take in over $50,000 (based on total fund-raiser money gross income-not profit from 6/30/16-7/1/17 timeframe for determining amount). The application fee is higher for the long form ($275 if under $50k; $850 if over $50k) and we will need to complete tax preperation (which will require a higher fee for long form $150 if under $50k; $500 if over $50k).  Connie stated last year we were just short of the $50,000. After discussion we decided to continue pursuing the long form- we don’t want to do the short now and have to do the long one later requiring more fees. Connie reported they are about half-way through the process of the long form. We suggested looking for CPA parent to help with taxes in the future.

Spirit Wear Fundraiser (to use for technology)
*Sale went well! 1,030 items sold (approx. 230 families order; 25 boxes of final product); profited over $7,000. There were about 10 orders missing items or ended up with extra items
*Sorted at VFW (free of charge); would like to send a Thank You
*It was well received; we will do earlier next year (perhaps to have items available at Open House for parents & students to look at)
*If vendor would do more of the work, our profit would decrease; PAC handled most of the order process
*If we have any extras, we could use as prizes as well as put on FB page for people who might want to purchase

Cookie Dough Fundraiser
*$2,896 online sales
*Approx. 150 orders plus another 5 picked up today; total order sales to come (not yet finalized)
*Order pick-up is 12/14/17 3:00-5:30 in the multipurpose room

Paper Recycling –Update from Previous/Next Dates
*$658 came in the fall drive (current balance $7,900 banked)
*Next dates December 18- January 8th

Funset Boulevard Night-report
*We sold 165 wristbands making a $660 profit; It was less busy this year. Last year there was another school there the same night. Kids seemed to have fun.
*On Thurs., 4/26/18 we will have another fun night at Badger Sports Park. The Utopia 2 hour pass will be $10 (usually $28) and the 3 hour pass will be $12 (usually $33); if more than 50 people attend we will get 50% of sales; if less than 50 people attend we will receive 30% of sales; There is no pre-sale for this, kids just show up.

Student Directory-report
*Formatting was a process, but it got done and was handed out in mid. October.
*About 420 kids were listed in it
*Contact Keith to see if it can be include in next year’s registration; we will need to add teacher info (won’t be available at time of entry)

Teacher Wish List
*Teachers are emailing or writing note with their wish list. A word doc will be created and put on Freedom PAC website; we will have Judys send out (a link) via email to parents

Artist in Residence
We had a long discussion on Randy Peterson. He is a singer that several teachers have suggested. For his residency, he breaks kids into groups and meets with them 3 times, each session being about 45 minutes. Each group is typically 30 students. We asked Randy to send examples of previous schedules. He included ones with schools of about 200 students. He suggested we hold a residency for 7 days and split each grade into 3 groups. Discussion at meeting included class sizes (how to split up into groups), space issues (where to hold sessions) scheduling concerns (how to avoid impacting acedemic and related arts), time constraints (how long residency would have to take and how avoid impacting concert practice, testing, etc). It was determined that to have him do a residency we would need to split the school K-2 and 3-5 and do it over a two years. We didn’t feel this was the best option as the other issues may not be able to be addressed. We decided we couldn’t persue his residency at this time.
*We liked the idea of a music related residency and members suggested looking to see if there are other community options such as Opera for the Young or something at Lawrence University.  It was suggested to reach out to other PTAs to see what they have done, however many schools have smaller numbers so their previous artists may not work for us.
*Connie reported that Ms. Rudolph had a couple of ideas for this year if we didn’t have one selected. We decided to have her persue one for this year. She can decide what works best based on availability.

School Dance: Feb. 2nd
*Cindy Taft is coordinating; Erin will follow up with her

Brain Bowl
*Erin asked Connie to email her the questions to show the teachers as some of them seemed confusing to students. She would also like to add volunteer spot on pledge forms.
*Event likely Feb. 6 & 7, 2018- will confirm with Mrs. Kurkiewicz.

Plastic Recycling: Now–April 13th
*348 lbs. collected so far: 35 in Sept.; 313 (some was plastic people had been saving during summer) in Oct.

Teacher Requests
*Amy Stirk the new Occupational Therapist submitted a request for resources/supplies. Mrs. Lipsey believed there was an account that would cover and will address with Mrs. Musset.  If it is not covered she will bring the request back to us.

New Business
*Connie will have a note put in the December newsletter to pick up Lost & Found items and if not claimed by Fri. 12/22, items will be donated. We will see if we can set the Lost & Found items will be up in the Lobby week of 12/18.

Reminder: We do NOT meet in December

Our next meeting will be Monday January 15th 2018 at 6:00 pm.

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, November 20, 2017 ~ 6:00 pm Art Room

*Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

*Treasurer Report

*Spirit Wear Fundraiser

*Cookie Dough Fundraiser

*Paper Recycling –Update from Previous/Next Dates

*Funset Boulevard Night-report

*Student Directory-report

*Teacher Wish List

*Artist in Residence

*Plastic Recycling –Now –April 13th

*School Dance—Feb. 2nd

*Brain Bowl

*Teacher Requests

*New Business

Reminder:  We do NOT meet in December

Our next meeting will be Monday January 15th 2018 at 6:00pm.  Babysitting will be provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at or 851-3266

PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, October 16, 2017

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey? There have been several field trips.  We had a great turnout for conferences (upper 90%).  There will be an open house on Wed. 10/18-people can come anytime during it. Friday Oct. 20th is wear pink for cancer awareness.

Treasurer’s Report / 501(c)(3) Status Update Beginning checkbook balance:  $16,303.95.  Dollars set aside (includes Paper Recycling amount):  $14,759.22.  Spendable amount:  $1,044.73.  The teacher’s $100 gifts are coming through.  Several Teachers took advantage of the recent Book Fair; $1060.67 was submitted.

501(c)(3): Connie noted they are working on Form-1023 right now. There are some other items to put together. Connie has been working with the auditor and the bill is at about $560 to date. Approval can take up to a year but they are trying to put in a plea to process quicker. Doing 1 step at a time; Connie estimated 1-2 more forms yet to complete.

Spirit Wear Sale  Forms sent with students last week; 11 forms (45 items) ordered as of today (10/16).  It was also posted on the PAC and District Facebook pages.  Orders due Nov. 3. We may try to set up for Open House next and will probably sell a different design.  We will need volunteers for helping to pick/bag orders. By doing this ourselves we can receive a higher profit; date TBD; a sign-up to be posted for volunteers.  So far there have been a lot of positive comments.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser  Hansen rep planning to set up the prize machine at PBS assembly on Nov. 3 (kick-off for event).   Delivery date: 12/14.  The multipurpose room will be used from 1:30p-5:30 to sort and for parents to pick up products after school. We are still working on how to get incentive prizes to students during sale.

Funset Boulevard Fun Night – Thurs., Oct. 26th As of Oct. 16th 75 wristbands had been sold.  Orders are due 10/20.

Student Directory Update  Erin sent the file to Beth to work on; 464 responses (some repeats; some are split family, so may be less number of students; roughly 63% responded).  Mrs. Lipsey suggested to work with Keith at the district to put a link on the registration site. Parents could click on a link to go to enter info (not linked to Skyward/school district site). It won’t list teacher for each student at time of registration. Erin could link at a later time to teachers (for sorting).

Paper Recycling – September 18-October 2nd  We haven’t received the checks from the paper company yet. 2 dumpsters were filled. Ms. Diedrick reported that over the summer she had met with Mr. Seigers and the district groundskeeper to discuss creating an outdoor classroom. So far we have one contractor interested in submitting a bid. They are looking at using a concrete pad vs. pea gravel. It will be a covered pavilion that would protect the seats from the rain. Lowe’s provides grants to schools for completing projects. There is a Spring grant. We will work on gathering more information to set up a plan.

Staff Meeting Report  Connie and Erin attended and provided ice cream sundaes.  Erin gave a talk about PAC.

Fall Student Appreciation Report  It went well with the Cheez-It snack bags. The children enjoyed them. A note was sent to parents on that Thurs to let them know what the snack was for. We received a thank you note for it.

Parent/Teacher Conference Meals Report  We received a lot of positive feedback from the staff. They are very thankful for the meals. There was plenty of food. The sign up works well.

Plastic Bag Recycling – Ongoing until April 13  We have begun collecting plastic and will continue through April.  Tammy Kurey collects the plastic at Associated Bank and turns in it. Erin will be picking up from the school. We are hoping to get another bench. The one we have in front of the school is used often.

Teacher Requests

  • A teacher asked if they could purchase something at a rummage sale and then be reimbursed. Connie will need to check with 501(c)(3) auditor for recommendation and then PAC can determine rule/guideline and dollar limit. We will not have a receipt and are unsure if that will be a problem. We are holding on deciding until we get clarification.
  • Another teacher contacted Erin noting a couple students couldn’t pay for a field trip; is there/could there be a fund to help these situations? Perhaps a pool per grade?.  Mrs. Lipsey has an account set up for such cases due to an anonymous donor who gave for these types of situations. It was also noted there there are roll-over funds periodically available. Costs per each year is minimal and have been able to cover students not able to afford. At this time there appears not to be a need for this, however if that changes we will readdress.

New Business No new business


If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, November 20th, 2016, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room.

PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, October 16th 2017 ~ 6:00 p.m. ~ Art Room

  • Any News from Mrs. Lipsey?
  • Treasurer’s Report and 501c Status update
  • Spirit Wear Sale
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser Nov. 3-17th Delivery Dec. 14th
  • Funset Boulevard Fun Night Oct. 26th
  • Student Directory update
  • Paper Recycling update
  • Staff Meeting report
  • Fall Student Appreciation report
  • Parent/Teacher conference meals report
  • Plastic Bag Recycling: ongoing until April 13th
  • Teacher Requests
  • New Business

Free Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.

If you have any questions, please email

Next Meeting: Monday November 20th at 6:00 pm Room 22