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Agenda for Monday, April 12

6:30-8:00 p.m. Room 22

• Treasurer’s Report
• Announcements: Mrs. Zabel needs volunteers to take book inventory in the library during the last week of school. Join PAC on Facebook!

• Nature Center—April 26-28 students will attend classes out there
• Market Day update (Amy LaHay, Connie Wheeler)
• Family Fun Night –April 16th (Carol Hennes, Carrie Witt, Jen DeBraal, Andrea Schwaller) finish planning for this event

• Spring Student Appreciation Day (Carol Hennes)
• Staff Appreciation Week—May 3-7 (Dawn VanWychen, Michelle Wagner, Wendy Cropsey, Heather Busse) pass around sign-up sheets to help
• Secretary/Administrative Assistant Day April 21

• Teacher/Classroom Wish List—money is spent for this year. Vote on how to handle classroom needs next year. Suggestions include giving each teacher the same amount of money at the start of the school year or keeping the status quo.
• Teacher In-service Speakers—Melissa spoke with Mrs. Czech
• Last day of school recognition? Retirees?
• PAC Logo—discuss ideas and decide on one

• PAC fundraising—suggestions were made to do a used book sale and a perennial/bulb sale.
• Tabled until May—Back-to-School Kits (Melissa is meeting with Mrs. Czech to discuss the logistics of combining this with August’s Open House) Artist-in-Residence—Mrs. Rudolph is working on this

• 5th Grade Celebration (Carol Hennes, Melissa Vircks, Beth Klarner, Carrie Witt, Brenda Vosters, Doreen Janssen, Michelle Feucht) plan to meet briefly after PAC meeting ends at 8:00 to finalize planning
• New Business?

Our next meeting will be Thursday, May 6th, 6:30-8:00 with Post-Meeting Wrap-up at Buzz’s Bowl. Don’t miss it!

Babysitting will be available during the meeting. Questions? Comments? Please call Melissa Westemeier at 687-1671.