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PAC Meeting Notes September 8, 2010

Treasurer’s Report:  We currently have $6,464.07.  We budget $5000 towards the Artist in Residence, $500 for this year’s school assemblies and $100 per teacher for classroom supplies.

Pre-Kindergarten Plans for Next School Year: Mrs. Czech and Mrs. Cuff came to the meeting with information about full day Pre-Kindergarten  2 days a week starting with the 2011-2012 school year.  Children would either come on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday Friday will be a prep day for the teachers.  This will cut approximately $94,000 of the busing costs.  Other surrounding schools (Shiocton and Greenville) have this same program and staff will visit them to get more information.  Parents shared their input, including a request to look at offering one session of half-day PreK for parents willing to handle their own transportation.

Committee Sign up:  A description of each event is available on the PAC website.  If you were unable attend the September meeting and are interested in a committee event, please contact Melissa Westemeier.  There is no obligation for any member to sign up on a committee event.

Teacher/Classroom Wish List:  Each teacher will receive a check for $100 and labels from PAC at their staff meeting in October.  This money will be for classroom needs.  The PAC will coordinate with the teachers to generate a list for gift ideas under $20 for the holidays.  This list will be available to the parents at the November Conferences.  If teachers have additional requests that their $100 doesn’t cover, they can fill out a request form that PAC has designed and the PAC.

Student Appreciation Day:   October 8, 2010 each student will get Market Day pretzels from PAC.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: November 9th and 10th PAC will provide meals for the staff.  The sign up sheet will be available at the October meeting.  If you would like to contribute something for either day, please contact either Michelle Wagner or Dawn VanWychen.

AVON: We will take orders for AVON from September 29th to October 15th and deliver during the Parent/ Teacher Conferences on November 9th and 10th.  Details will be sent home in September.

Market Day:  The Market Day profit will be allocated monthly to address different needs at the school.  Thank you for all of your support this past school year.

Staff Meeting: October 4th PAC will serve the teachers Ice Cream Sundaes and explain the PAC, including how they can make classroom requests and the Teacher Wish List changes.  Teachers will receive a $100 check and a packet including labels from PAC and other forms.

Helping Hands List: Shannon Hasse will update this list for us this year.  Thank you for all your time.

Fall Flag Football: Starting Saturday, September 25th the PAC will have an area in the Multi Purpose room with refreshments and food.  If you can help during a shift, please contact Wendy Cropsey.

Facebook:  Look us up and join:  Freedom Elementary P.A.C. (Parents Activity Committee).

PAC website: Please go to www.freedompac.org and enter your email address in the subscribe field and you will receive the latest information posted on the website, including the meeting agendas and notes.

Upcoming Meeting Dates:  Thursday – October 7th, Monday – November 1st.  There is no December meeting due to the holidays.   Room 22 (Art Room) 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm.  Free babysitting is provided.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Melissa Westemeier at 687-1671.

Connie Wheeler, PAC Vice President