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PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, November 2, 2009 6:30-8:00 p.m. Room 22

• Treasurer’s Report (Michelle Graf)

• Nature Center News

• Battle of the Books presentation (Robin Braunschweig)

• October Flag Football Bake Sale report (Wendy Cropsey & Jill Cropsey)

• Staff meal for parent/teacher conferences, Nov. 11-12 (Michelle Wagner, Wendy Cropsey, Heather Busse, Amy Lahay, Dawn VanWychen)

• AVON fundraiser update (Stephanie Piepenberg, Fawn Thompson, Cindy Konkle, Michelle Gloudemans, Amy Lahay, Connie Wheeler, Carol Hennes)

• Teacher Wish List Book promotion at conferences—organize volunteers & assign jobs

• Fall Student Appreciation Report—thanks, Carol Hennes

• Market Day Report (Amy Lahay, Connie Wheeler)

• Subway Cards (Mrs. Meller, Melissa Westemeier)

• PAC Logo (Michelle Graf)

• Set meeting dates for January-May 2010

• Preplanning: Brain Bowl, School Dance, Family Fun Night—reminder to committees to meet and bring plans to January meeting

• New Business

Reminder: We do NOT meet in December. PAC photo for Memory Book will be taken at our January meeting.

Babysitting provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting. Questions? Comments? Call Melissa Westemeier at 687-1671.