Teacher Wish List

The following document shows the Freedom Staff Wish List. Please check for updates throughout the year:

Building Needs
Disinfecting wipes
2 Gallon ziplock bags

Related Arts
Physical Education- Mr. Lancaster and Mrs. Thews
Heavy duty flashlights
Pool noodles

Special Education
Mr. Miller
Rocket Notebook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

Coogam Wire Puzzle Set

Brain Teaser Puzzles

Amazon, School House Gift Card

Ms. Rady
Target/Craft store gift cards for craft supplies
Finger paint
Playdough toys or cookie cutters

Mrs. Rennes
Walmart gift cards for making play dough supplies
Target gift cards for puzzles and games
Craft store gift cards for art and craft supplies
Gift cards for games and toys

Mrs. Andrea Anderson
Colored Washi Tape from Amazon

Pete the Cat Button Game from Amazon

Puffballs from Amazon

Small paper plates

Mrs. Culotta
Do A Dot Art markers
Connect 4
Lego Basics Bin
Target or Festival gift cards for projects

Mrs. Wilson
Michaels or Hobby Lobby gift cards (for craft supplies)
BINGO cards with slider windows (set of 24)  for math– available on Amazon
Kangaroo’s Huge Playing Cards (for math) $9.95 on Amazon
Novelty Place 20 inch jumbo inflatable dice (for Math) $17.95 on Amazon

1st grade
Mrs. Daul
ABC Stamp sets with upper and lower case letters (-can find at Target)
Treasure box items (new or gently used)
Wiki Sticks (used for making words)
Legos (new or gently used)
Play Doh- (multicolor pack so each student can have own-14)
Fun Notepad Paper (animals, shapes, emoji, etc.)
Smelly Markers for anchor charts
Gift Cards for Amazon, Target, or Walmart

Ms. Diedrick
Treasure box items (new or gently used) 
Small containers of playdough
Rectangular plastic baskets (approx. 10″x7″) 
Cute notepads (animal shapes, emojis, classic shapes, etc)
Individually wrapped double bubble gum or gum balls (for students to “buy” with their reading pennies) 
Fun read aloud stories 

Mrs. Kortens
Gift Cards: Amazon, Target, Walmart 
Coloring Books for Boys and Girls 
Colored post-it notes 
Search and find book for kids (hidden clues books)
Play dough  (multi pack so each child could have their own to make words)
Playground balls (3)
Soccer balls (2) 
Basket balls (2 large and 1 small)
Jump ropes (6)
Wikki Sticks for making words  
-Big box –https://www.wikkistix.com/product/big-count-box/
-Triple pack –https://www.wikkistix.com/product/primary-neon-nature-color-triple-play-pak/
You can check Amazon for similar product that is less expensive (Doodle sites, monkey string)

Ms. Wilke
Amazon, Target, and Walmart gift cards
Read aloud books and books for students to practice reading
Small prizes to go in the prize box
Colored sticky notes
Playdough for each student (14) and tools
Fun teacher pointers
STEM building blocks  Examples:



Mrs. Williams
Treasure Box Items (new or gently used)
Legos (new or gently used)
Wikki Sticks (for making words)
Small containers of Play-Doh (1 for each student)
Bingo Daubers (Washable)
Post-it Page Markers
Colored Post-its

Click Here to View My Amazon Wish List →

Gift Cards: Amazon, Target, Hobby Lobby, Scholastic eGift Cards, Barnes and Noble

2nd grade
Mrs. Braun
Magnetic letters for reading and spelling

Coloring books for both girls and boys
Word search books for kids
Papermate Flair markers
Papermate Inkjoy colored pens
Gift cards to anywhere with books and/or school supplies, such as Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Target, Amazon
Dice for math and other games
Sturdy plastic storage bins for books, such as Humble Crew Kids’ storage bins or Storex Classroom storage bins (dimensions: approximately 11×8)
Books for the classroom–choose your own or contact me for a list of ideas!

Mrs. Jackels
Books, books, and more books 🙂 
Gift cards to Target, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble
Coloring Books
Markers, dry erase markers, small erasers for dry erase boards
Clorox wipes, and Lysol spray.

Mr. Marquardt
Duck tape
Scotch tape
Kids bop 40
Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble gift cards 
White construction paper 11×13
Classroom markers 

Mrs. Voissem
Papermate colored flair pens
Decks of playing cards
Clorox wipes
Hand sanitizer 
Indoor recess items: board games, Legos, magnetic blocks, etc. 
Walmart, Target, and Amazon Gift Cards

3rd Grade
Mr. Awe
Coogram Wooden Geob https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KTSMBGX/ref=cm_gf_aK8N_i12_d_p0_qd0_J1gcmmSgz8jHrSLSlahY

 Thames & Kosmos Drop It https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B7SWP6T/ref=cm_gf_aK8N_i12_d_p0_qd0_4kj2S8s5gYs8koLH5Bw7

ThinkFun Cat Crimes Brain Game– Thames & Kosmos Word Slam

Educational Insights Kanoodle Extreme | Brain Twisting 2-D & 3-D Puzzle Game for Kids

Apple To Apples Kids 7 Plus https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00112EJEY/ref=cm_gf_aK8N_i12_d_p0_qd2_yfRrIBlDZDxhZaJDWN2e

Pandasaurus Games The Mind


Gift Card to Chimera Hobby Shop
Gift Card to Boardlandia
Gift Card to Gnome Games

Mrs. Maroszek
Gift cards: Amazon, Wal-mart, Target, Dollar Tree, TeachersPayTeachers
Large sticky notepad (anchor charts)
Indoor recess games/activities (other than legos)

Mrs. Micke
Gift cards to Target and Amazon
Outside balls for recess

Mrs. Sacia Williams
Gift Cards – 
*Online: Amazon, TeachersPayTeachers
*Online/In-store: Target, Meijer, Walmart, Barnes & Noble (any bookstore), Michael’s, Hobby Lobby
Indoor recess toys/games that can be played by themselves or socially distanced
Fun Animal stickers for Sticker Stories or any other fun stickers
Smelly Markers for Anchor Charts
Clorox Wipes 🙂

4th Grade
Mrs. Jakl
Containers of Play doh (15)
Gift cards to Walmart, Target, or Visa (to buy prizes for the prize box, books for the classroom library, website subscription to GimKit, etc.)
A plant
Indoor recess toys/games that can be played by themselves or socially distanced
Outdoor recess items: playground balls, kickballs, soccer balls and tennis balls

5th Grade
Mrs. Bougie
Amazon, Target or Barnes & Noble Gift cards
Also decks of cards 18 to be exact
5 more containers of Brain Flakes from Amazon.

 Mrs. Frane
Small white boards
Decks of cards for math games
Gift cards: Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble
Indoor math games for 5th graders

Mrs. Kolakowski
Please use link to see Amazon Wish list

Mrs. Presteen
Clip boards
Decks of cards for math games
Indoor recess games for 5th graders
Gift cards:
Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, School House

Ms. Rathsack
Gift cards: Target, Amazon, School House, Barnes and Noble, Walmart
Dice (for math games)
Disinfectant wipes
Indoor recess games for 5th grade
Brain teaser games (for indoor recess

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