Teacher Wish List

The following document shows the Freedom Staff Wish List. Please check for updates throughout the year:

Current Wish List


Related Arts
Physical Education Dept.
Mrs. Thews and Mr. Lancaster
Plastic storage bins with locking lids
Heavy duty flashlights

Mrs. Deanna Anderson (Reading Specialist)
Learning Shop gift cards
School House gift cards
Gift cards to a bookstore

Mrs. Zick
Serape’s of different colors – or table runner like here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DD5LW8D/?coliid=I3V4MHRGYRMI80&colid=B0S1XN1V81PJ&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

Any Spanish print – cereal boxes, magazines or ads, etc. – from Spanish speaking countries if you travel
Flair Colored Felt Tip Pens – purple, blue and green, or multi is fine also
Mr. Sketch Smelly Markers – thick and thin
Stress Balls
Expandable ball – for breathing exercises – like here: https://www.amazon.com/4Es-Novelty-Expandable-Expanding-Breathing/dp/B07N99K84Q/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=stretch+ball&qid=1574113742&s=toys-and-games&sr=1-2

Flexible seating for students in my classroom
Teachers Pay Teachers Gift cards – teacherspayteachers.com

Amazon Gift cards – to purchase Spanish books and materials for classes
Michaels/Hobby Lobby Gift cards – to buy craft supplies for projects
Really Good Stuff and Target Gift Cards

Mrs. DeGroot
Target gift card for toys
Walmart gift card for play doh supplies and science materials
Craft store gift cards for arts/craft supplies

Mrs. Rennes
Walmart gift cards for making play dough supplies
Target gift cards for puzzles and games
Craft store gift cards for art and craft supplies
Gift cards for games and toys

Mrs. Andrea Anderson
Smelly markers
Fun paper, stickers, writing tools for the writing center
Dolls for the house area
The book From Head to Toe by Eric Carle
The book The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle
Small foam dice

Mrs. Culotta
Lego basics bin
Candyland game
Connect 4 game
Memory game
Target or Festival gift cards for projects
Do A Dot Art painters/markers

Mrs. Thiel
Bingo dotters
Play Dough
Coloring books (boys and girls)
Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder books
Hobby Lobby, School House, Learning Shop, gift cards
Smelly markers
Baby dolls/clothes

Ms. Wall
Smelly Markers
Age 4, 5 and 6 Board games or card games
Melissa and Doug puzzles
Kinex or Magnatiles
Play Doh
Trains and Train track sets
Dramatic play items: cash register, baby clothes, play food, etc.
Target, Hobby Lobby or The Learning Shop Gift Cards

Mrs. Wilson
Michaels gift cards (for craft supplies)
BINGO cards with slider windows (set of 24)  for math– available on Amazon
Kangaroo’s Huge Playing Cards (for math) $9.95 on Amazon
Novelty Place 20 inch jumbo inflatable dice (for Math) $17.95 on Amazon
** in case a few families wanted to chip in…
Glow mats and finger lights (set of 25) $50.00 at https://getaglowie.com  (used for writing, math, popcorn words, etc)
Book:  From Head to Toe, by Eric Carle (paperback is great)

1st grade
Ms. Diedrick
Gift cards: Amazon, Walmart, The Learning Shop
**small sized legos (especially wheels)
**Magnetic Building Block set(s)
**Straw Construction STEM Building Toy(s) (found on Amazon)
**QUN FENG STEM Toys Building Block(s) (found on Amazon)
(**new or gently used)

Mrs. Kurkiewicz
Gift cards from Target or Wal-Mart for classroom supplies and games
Bean bag chair for reading in the room
Other small chairs for reading in the classroom

Mrs. Tietz
Gift cards to Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby, or Learning Shop
Games for indoor recess (Trouble, Sorry, Headbandz)
Bean bag chair

Ms. Wilke
Gift cards: Walmart, Target, Amazon, Learning Shop
Gum and/or stickers for prizes
Bean bag chair or backrest pillows
STEM Materials
Some examples:





2nd grade
Mr. Marquardt
Bean bag chair
Clorox wipes
Classroom radio/cd
Board games
Target gift cards
Walmart gift cards
Decks of playing cards

3rd Grade
Mr. Awe
Gel pens
Legos, Chinese checkers
Indoor Recess Games: Banangrams, Blokus, What’s Gnu, Uno, Headbanz, Read, Thing-a-ma Bots, Smart Mouth, Jam Pack Jam, Pictureka!, Zeus on the loose, Three of a crime, Rush Hour Deluxe & Scrambled states of America.
Bean bag fill
Comfortable collapsible seating for kids
Gift Cards:  Target & Walmart and Chimera Hobby Shop for games

Mrs. Micke
Gift cards to Target and Learning Shop

Ms. Schmidt
Target gift cards
Walmart gift cards
Learning Shop gift cards

4th Grade
Mrs. Jakl
Apples to Apples Junior board game
Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty small tins
Sharpies- broad tip
Guess Who board game
Find it game
Gift cards to Learning shop, Walmart, target

5th Grade
Mrs. Bougie
Sorry game
Sequence game
Checkers game, Plus from Amazon items called
Brain Flakes activity jars by Viahart  from Amazon
Deck of cards- 28 if possible
Gift cards from Barnes & Noble, Target, School House or Amazon.
Paper towels.

Ms. Hastie
Gift Cards:  The School House, Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble
Bean bags or camp chairs for reading around the room
Exercise balls with feet
Math games
Decks of cards (math

Mrs. Presteen
Clip boards
Decks of cards for math games
Indoor recess games for 5th graders
Gift cards: Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, School House, Learning Shop

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