Teacher Wish List

The following document shows the Freedom Staff Wish List. Please check for updates throughout the year:

Printable version: fes teacher wish list 2018-19

Mrs. DeGroot
Target gift card for toys
Walmart gift card for play doh supplies and science materials
Craft store gift cards for arts/craft supplies
Shopko gift cards for toys

Mrs. Rennes
Walmart gift cards for making play dough supplies
Target gift cards for puzzles and games
Craft store gift cards for art and craft supplies
Shopko gift cards for games and toys

Ms. Rodriguez
Craft store gift cards for supplies
Target or Walmart gift cards for toys/supplies
Black Expo dry erase markers

Mrs. Anderson
Fun stickers, paper and envelopes for the writing center
Brain Flakes building toy  http://a.co/d/7iwk2

A Memory game such as http://a.co/d/hpBczVi

Foam shape stickers such as http://a.co/d/8q82V7

 Mrs. Culotta
Hot glue gun
Memory game
Target or Festival gift cards for projects
There Was an Old Lady Puppet http://a.co/d/86dznwV

Trend Flash Cards Numbers 0-100 http://a.co/d/dWSqntq

Liquid water color paint- S&S Worldwide 8 oz. Color Splash!  http://a.co/d/iW4UHxi

Ms. Wall
Dramatic play items: dolls, doll clothes, tools, etc.
Magnatile Building Sets
Trains/Track sets
Target gift cards
Learning Shop gift cards

Mrs. Wilson
Bingo cards (Amazon Prime-by Regal Games with fingertip shutter slide) – any color, set of 25 is $24.99
Hot glue gun
Hobby Lobby gift card for craft items
Learning Shop gift card for supplies and games


1st grade
Ms. Diedrick
Gift cards: Amazon, Walmart or The Learning Shop
Small sized legos (especially wheels) new or used
“Big Joe” bean bag chair (Walmart)
Addition and/or subtraction games (for Math centers)
Uno card game

Mrs. Tietz
Gift cards to Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby, or Learning Shop
Games for indoor recess (Trouble, Sorry, Headbandz)
Bean bag chair

Ms. Wilke
Pencil Sharpener
Games- Ker-Plunk, Jenga
Pillows- for students to lay on during independent reading
Gift cards- Walmart, Target, Learning Shop

Mrs. Williams
Gift Cards (Amazon, Hobby Lobby, The Learning Shop, Target) to purchase items such as the following:
Items for Indor Recess
Games: Guess Who, Candy-Land, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Connect 4, Uno, Dominoes
Legos – Classic Sets: Not themed; have seen at Fleet Farm and Sam’s Club for a better price.
STEM Toys Such As: Marble Run, Magnetic Blocks, Kid’s KNEX, etc.
Puzzles – Range from 24-piece to 100-piece puzzles.

Items for Classroom
X-ACTO SchoolPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener, Heavy Duty, Blue/Grey – Amazon (price varies – $24.99 as of 11/30/18)

Items for Enhancement of Independent Reading Centers – Word Work, Work on Writing, Read to Self
Qty (4) – Crayola – Stamper Markers – 10ct. Emoticons, Washable Colors
Qty (4) – Crayola – 5ct. Washable Triple-Tip Markers
Twistable Crayons
Erasable Colored Pencils
Alphabet Beads – (Beads Fit on Pipe Cleaners for Students to Build Words)

2nd grade
Mrs. Braun
Stamp pads any color
Puzzles—small (can be lots of pieces, just not take up too much space)
Legos, Lincoln logs or any building toys
Uno or other simple card games
Trouble, Sorry or other board games that can be finished in 20 minutes or less
Bean bag chairs
Gift cards: Learning Shop, Walmart, Target, Barnes & Nobles, Shopko- or anywhere with books/school supplies

Mrs. Fox
Holiday/Seasonal picture books
Nonfiction books about sports figures/teams
Legos (new or used)
Marble run (or maze)
Magnetic blocks

Mr. Quinlan
Twister Game

3rd grade
Mr. Awe
Legos, Chinese checkers
Indoor Recess Games: Thing-a-ma Bots, Smart Mouth, Jam Pack Jam, Pictureka!, Zeus on the loose, Three of a crime, Rush Hour Deluxe & Scrambled states of America.
Bean bag fill
Comfortable collapsible seating for kids
Gift Cards:  Target & Walmart and Chimera Hobby Shop for games

 Mrs. Micke
Gift cards to Target and Learning Shop

4th Grade
Ms. Arndt
Bean bags or comfy chairs for reading
Lap boards for writing
Board Games for Indoor Recess
Gift Cards:  Learning Shop, School House,
Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble 

Mrs. Jakl
Colored Post it notes
Colored Pencils
Indoor Recess games (Uno, Guess who, Trouble, etc)
Bottle of unscented hand lotion
Gum or mints

Mrs. Northam
Lap desks
Board games for indoor recess
Deck of cards for indoor recess and math games
Gift cards: Hobby Lobby, Learning Shop, Amazon and Target

5th Grade
Mrs. Bougie
Sorry game
Sequence game
Checkers game,Plus from Amazon items called
Brain Flakes activity jars by Viahart  from Amazon
Gift cards from Barnes & Noble, Target, School House or Amazon.
Paper towels.
Set of 4 books titled Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen.
Set of 4 books titled A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck

Mrs. Hastie
Bean bags or camp chairs for reading around the room
Exercise balls with feet
Math games
Decks of cards (math)
Science supplies: Scientific method, Matter & Simple Machines
Gift Cards:  Learning Shop & Barnes & Noble

Mrs. Presteen
Post it notes
Clip boards
Decks of cards for math games
Indoor recess games for 5th graders
Gift cards: Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, School House, Learning Shop

Related Arts/Special Education:
Mrs. Anderson
Barnes & Noble gift cards
School House gift cards
Learning Shop gift cards
Amazon gift cards

Mrs. Bakken
Any book for children

Ms. Hauser
Playdoh/ Modeling Clay
Board games
Fidget Items

Mrs. Kortens
Any new or gently used books to add to our Title 1 shelves for children to check out, to use as student incentives or for books to send home over the summer for students who do not have access to a library or books at home

Mrs. Touchet
Expo dry erase markers (basic colors)
File folders (manilla 1/3 tab)
Red, black, blue pens
Colored pencils
Heid Music gift cards to purchase percussion instruments

Special Education Dept.
Double sided pocket dividers
Sheet protectors (box of 100 or whatever amount is available)
Plastic file boxes (approximate size 11 3/4 x 15 x 10 – just quickly measured the ones we have so may not be exact) we could use about 5 of these file boxes or whatever is available
Hanging files to go with the file boxes
View binders 1 1/2 inch and/or 2 inches any color, any amount
Glue sticks
Colored post-its 3×3
Laminating sheets- box of 100 approximately 8 ½ by 11 to use in laminating machine
Snacks-especially flavor blasted xtra cheddar goldfish and cheez its
Coloring books for older girls- especially ones containing unicorns and inspirational phrases


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